WOTR Scale Hill

My slow project to get a WOTR scale table is making some progress. I already have a ruin and my snow table has always had plenty of forests available.

The big lack was a decent sized set of hills for WOTR. In this game, hills tower over anything for LOS purposes and my hills I made for 15mm gaming just do not look the part. So this weekend's project was to make a proper big hill for my table.

Here is a proper snowy vantage point for artillery and archers to survey the battlefield. Its maximum size was constrained by the bits of mdf I have from wayback. It is built up out of two layers of packing foam, a liberal helping of generic brand 'no more gaps', paint and sand, and finally baking soda snow, with the tiny bit of static grass I had left. I sealed it off with floor wax

But wait! There's more!
Here you can see my patented multi-hill system lol. I though I would make a virtue out of neccessity and use the limits of the baseboards to make a joined up multi-purpose hill. Here you can see my Buhrdur (actually a full Mordor troll size) for scale: his shoulder just tops that cliff
Here, from the other side, I've put a formation of infantry four coy wide to show the width. The prototype worked well enough and is suitably cheap and 'rough', so I think I'll do more at some stage, and make one with another middle piece to extend it or just actually buy some more mdf from Bunnings.


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