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Epic Napoleonic British Light Horse

  It’s been a bit of a progress gap but the end of project Epic British for Lasalle 2 is in sight. I have to admit to some liberties with hats etc but lets call them British 5th Cavalry Brigade at Waterloo 7th (Queen’s own) Hussars 15th (King’s) Hussars 13th Light Dragoons - subbing for 2nd KGL Hussars on the day. For Lasalle, these are all just British light cavalry. Not super impressive but always allowed to start on table. The key thing is though that all foot have a -4 modifier in a d6 based close combat when fighting all horse unless in square or suitable defensive position (terrain.) Lasalle does not make forming square mandatory… just heavily encouraged. If you back your own shooting you are welcome to try that as long as you have the Mo (pips.) So the presence of even baseline cavalry like these can be impactful. Lasalle doesn’t have very many unit special rules at all so nothing special about the light horse. French light cavalry can be lancers (reroll 1s against squares.) The

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