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Winds of Change

It’s a bit of a tradition, the pre-event army post.  This one is GOATCON. A little 14 person Warhammer Fantasy Battle 6th edition tournament this coming weekend in Chch NZ. Not bad numbers for one of the still played editions of a supposedly dead If you look back, I tried playing in 8th edition. I’d have liked 6th or even 7th (with 6th edition armies) much better.  The lists are 1950pts. That means no Lords, three special slots and one rare slot. However, none of those restrictions actually matter to Chaos. My core choices include fast Cav, chariots and chosen knights, I get two spawn for a rare slot and two Exalted champions have a lot to recommend them over a single Chaos Lord for similar cost.  I’m glad this event was put on actually. Finally made me paint something. I got this lot built and painted in October and November. I’m sure they’ll do great, bouncing off all the Dwarven armies that will be there!

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