Saturday, December 23, 2017

War of the Ring Batrep: The Red Fortress Ministry of Truth

It’s been a while. But when Arnulf (famed war-correspondent from the Red Fortress Ministry off Truth) got in touch about hosting a Batrep, I quickly agreed. He’d brought along a pair of Nazgul, who kept wandering about picking up my models and looking at my TV while hissing to each other “nice stuff, shame if it were to get broken...” Cameras weren’t invented in the Third Age, so I had to get Andy over to stage a re-enactment using miniatures. He had 1200 points of Gondor led by the brothers Faramir and Boromir. Boromir has brought along the Veterans of Osgiliath while Faramir had some Rangers. The hard core of the army was a pair of Warrior, and a pair of Knight formations with a unit of Axemen of Lossarnach to give them a bit of punch. I had the Tainted and Dwimmlerlaik leading three formations of Carn Dum warriors and a formation of ghostly legion. We also had muscle on hand in the form of an armoured (Isengard) Troll. Fire support was a formation of Orc Archers and a pair of siege bows. The scenario was Field of Swords and Houserules were in effect. Wait, that Wraith is actually starting to drop things...I’ll let Arnulf take it from here:

Sunday, December 17, 2017

War of the Ring Houserules 2018 version

Yes we’re apparently doing this again. Andy has determined there will be a grand Pellinor fields battle in the second half of 2018. It will mainly involve SBG players but the more logical ruleset for this kind of thing will also be used. It turns out there is actually a handful of locals still playing locally. We started to get our hand back in last night and used Houserules. I actually went back to my old houserules thread on the One-Ring forum and decided I like a couple of the others’ suggestions better than what I’d included in the 2011 version so made some tweaks. Andy asked for something that could be a handout if locals wanted to use it so here it is, the 2018 version:

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Conquest is on Saturday: ADLG Late Romans

I'm finally attending a Conquest again. I always used to play Flames of War but this seems to be AWOL. If it is there, it must be a secret club. So here is my different 15mm historical tournament army: 200pt Late Romans (East) with  allied Armenian Command. I just got them tabletop ready tonight and now I have one day to reread the rules. That's right, I'm there for the experience. Almost all of those guys have been playing FOG solidly then carried on to ADLG this year with a few tournaments and this should teach me a lot in a short time. Apart from that one time I won the FOW comp, Conquest has always been a bruising experience for me so I'm prepared for to take my lessons stoically. Runners and Riders over the fold.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

30K: The Unbroken Chain

+++Subsector Christus Ecclessia 
+++Ark Filius
+++Bellum omnium contra omnes
I am Alpharius. The unbroken chain has arrived to reinforce the Warmaster's investigation of the Ark Filius. The World Eaters and Emperors Children have spent themselves bathing the corridors in Ork blood. The Xenos largely cleared,  our remaining solid legions were to commence the sweep for a way to access the secrets locked in the bridge. Circumstances required otherwise. Almost to the second of our arrival, the grating voice of Abbadon urgently rang over the Vox, demanding my immediate presence repel the Emperor's lackeys. It appears the arrival of several Iron Hands and allied cruisers has just been picked up by his auguries. I took my time to calmly go meet the barking upstart. After all, this new development was no surprise to the Twentieth Legion...

Sunday, September 3, 2017

The Field of Battle

Ben and I have both been on a bit of a 15mm terrain focus. Ben has got a couple of pieces together for his collection, an his forests look particularly decent. The problem is that both of us are used to more decent terrain 15mm terrain (from our FOW days) than the felt pieces that seem to be the ancients standard. The issue is that the pieces have to fit very defined parameters: defined areas that fit inside a 24cm (6 base widths) circle and not thin strips.... unless they are roads. They also have to let the bases sit where they want to sit as base position is pretty important in the game. There are also a defined amount of 'pieces' so you can't really fill up a board with bits of terrain like you did in FOW. AND you have to have enough stuff to supply for the upmto three terrain types that go with your army. Phew. 

Friday, July 28, 2017

ADLG Batrep: Too Late for the Romans

I think it's fair to say Ben and I quite like ADLG (The Art of War). While my Sarmatian/Alan reinforcements were (and are) still on their way, after manning the wall in Brittania, I opted to still try something different for my rematch. In the version of the story where the Roman Empire didn't fall in the 15th century (if it's Eastern, it doesn't really count?) my list is the latest of the Roman lists: Patrician Roman. I've always kind of liked the idea and my original FOG force was sort of designed to be Foederati Roman, before it became clear how efficient it was to be armoured. Anyway, I logically benched my successful force for a force containing some impetuous foot and an all impetuous cavalry wing. What could go wrong? 

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

L'Art de la Guerre (ADLG) Batrep

Impetvs seems to have, sadly, run its course. What killed it for me was the pages of amendments. However, I remain an Ancients gamer at heart. I started out with DBA but 12 thin strips, and some pieces of felt, on a coffee table didn't really capture the Epic Battle. I next gave Fields of Glory a go. Then I recovered. Once others went into remission, their searches for a replacement put me on to ADLG - The Art of War in French, thankfully translated into English. We played Impetvs in 28mm but I had these Late Romans/Arthurian in 15mm and Ben had these really nicely painted (except, inexplicably, the elites) Gauls. So I rebase a heap of guys on cool new 40mm squares, and we gave the game a crack at the reduced 100pt format. There were also pieces of felt but no coffee table. The battle was Epic in my imagination. 

Monday, July 10, 2017

Babylon 5 ACTA Batrep: Earth Alliance vs Shadows

Chris dropped by on Thursday to give Babylon 5:ACTA a go. I remember us poring over the Lurkers guide to Babylon 5 (it's still active!) after many episodes back in our high-school days. So he's seen the series. The two fleets I've got assembled and basecoated are Earth Alliance and Shadows. I figured 7pts at Raid level were a good number and the Earth Alliance actually had options, since I ran them as 'Army of Light' from the Signs and Portents book. Chris wanted to be EA, even knowing that meant I got to be the coolest First Ones, the Shadows. I had a young Shadow Cruiser (War), worth 4 raid points, and three Shadow Scouts, 1 raid point each. This meant my fighter complement was two flights of Shadow fighters. At least they now get to use their shields in dogfights... I told Chris my fleet had three 'Whitestar killers' but he still took one (Raid), two Omega Destoyers (Battle, four Raid points total), a Nova Dreadnought (Raid), and the lesser Assault variant of the Hyperion x 2 (2 Skirmish, one Raid total). The Earth ships had total fighter superiority, a full 12 flights of Thunderbolt Starfuries vs my two flights of Shadow fighters. I fudged a variant of 'Space Superiority' as the mission so the under-gunned Shadows at least got to deploy out of Hyperspace, laid down three asteroid fields (densities 1, 1, and 5), and it was on.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

And so it begins...Babylon 5:ACTA miniatures

I've been seriously nerding out over Babylon 5 after my son and I started a marathon series watch at the end of last year. We get in a couple of episodes a week and are pulling up on the middle of season 5 now. If you haven't heard of it, then go check out that link and some YouTube vids, I can wait for you to come back. Basically it is a Sci-fi series built around a 5 season (compressed to 4) preplanned story arc set around a Great War between the forces of light and dark... with many twists. Obviously this is eminently wargameable. My one wargaming regret has been never getting into the major wargame (I did play a game of the earlier B5 wars) set in the series at the time it was supported and published. Well the trend for the last three years has been retro/'old' gaming...

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Infinity Wotan Jump-point Campaign: Operation Invisible Lion

+++ 2186.06.18 19:30+++
Aleph Incursion detected at Sigtyr-2 Panoceania Main orbital defence cannon. Bravo Lance has been rerouted from refit at Svalarheima. Our mission: capture and protect key data nodes to disrupt AI control of our heavy ordnance assets. Two Brother Knights lead a fire team with three more Magisters. Their support is a trio of Fusiliers, a Sierra TR REM, brother sergeants Konstantinos, Fierra in TO hidden deployment, and Bjorn ifiltrating. Opposing us are unknown Aleph assets. Lethal force authorised.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

30k Batrep: XX Legion Combat Evaluation

School Holiday time means some actual gaming, in amongst the Battlelore and my new obsession that I have to play Babylon 5... my 30k XX Legion took on Andy's Imperial Bananas Fists and Jason's new Imperial Militia. The match vs Andy was 2250 pts, using the denial mission (I chose to attack). Andy had made up a cool new Dorn miniature but took Sigismund instead. I took a pair of Militia Thunderbolt equivalents (representing the work of the Cruxis Majoris Ultima scientist-revolutionaries) as a sub orbital strike wing. We weren't sure how to handle the restriction on no optional reserves for the defender, so I let his flying transport (required to be in reserve) have passengers. Probably shouldn't have done that. Vs Jason, there was a change of pace, 1500pt Centurion mode vs his cool army made out of the limited edition Vostroyan minis. He was still opening and gluing blisters before the game. How did the still largely green Alpha Legion do?

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Descent 2nd Edition: The Ballad of Tomble Burrowell

Gather round once again young 'uns, and here tell the tall tales of the not so tall Tom Burrowell. When we last left our hero, he was nursing several nasty perforations, and wincing with every step down the stairwell into Rellegar's rest. Yep, once again the bumbling big-folk had conspired to undo his careful planning. Consequently, they were at risk of this little jaunt underground being a net-loss endeavour. Evil Overlord Ben had set things up so we had to plowmthrough Zombies to our front... while dealing with constant rear attacks by goblins. All the while, his self immolating, teleporting, Evil-Overlord Avatar could race about hacking down the support pillars.  This would sadly bring the roof down on our heads. Our hero felt it appropriate to call tea-break and strategy sesssion, perhaps followed by a rearward advance out of this obvious death trap. But the big folk just charged down the stairs, heedless...

Friday, February 17, 2017

Sub Sector Christus Ecclessia: The Harrowing of the World Eaters.

Cruxis Majoris Ultima: A baleful red giant. The only Imperial presence, several science and monitoring colonies on what were little more than half lit snowballs. They tumbled in the void, the only toehold possible, as close as safe to the deadly irradiated star. Unremarkable, and until now unremarked. Their only claim to any worthiness of mention,  the recent discovery of what appeared to be traces of explorers.... from the dark age of technology. A discovery beamed triumphantly to the Warmaster's personal Astropaths. Then the accidents happened, and station after station seemed to go quiet, or fall victim to a freak explosion or critical life support failure or meteorite impact. Some of the scientists reported that silent black sillouetes had been spotted on visual scopes. Big enough to be ships...but surely not Imperial? No hail had been given and no aid rendered in response to their pleas. Xenos? The descendants of humans from nearby Sub-Sector Christus Ecclessia? Among the the watchers, a few knew the truth. They were "Imperial" alright. Astartes, Angels of Death.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Descent 2nd Edition: The Adventures of Tomble Burrowell

Gather round and here tell the tall tales of the not so tall Tom Burrowell. Gentleman at large (especially after Elevensess), wanderer, and net-wealth-reallocation-consultant. The perfidious overlord Ben had tasked the hero to ensure two bumbling big-folk didn't get themselves killed while saving the world. It was clearly to be a tall order in more ways than one. For when Tom awoke at the appropriate hour for first-breakfast, he found the other two clods had left without him, and at the ungodly hour of 9am no Less! Off Tom sprinted, for what if they got themselves into trouble while he wasn't there to ensure all nearby treasure was properly accounted for? Around the corner he ran, right into a terrifying battle between some Goblins, Bhargests (howling evil hound-beasts) and the afore mentioned reckless big-folk. 

Sunday, January 8, 2017

30K Batrep: XX Legion training day

After my mad digression into 30k, based basically on some audiobooks and YouTube Batreps, realisation dawned on me that I essentially have no clue about how to play this game. Sure, I did play back in third edition 40k, so at least an edition closer in style to the current day than Rogue Trader and 2nd edition. However, that was a while ago. So I got some of my new toys built and undercoated, and Jason was willing to show me the ropes. We did 1000pts on a 4x4' table. The aim was to just kill each other. I had Autilon Skorr (with the strategic that gave a bonus to reserves), Pride of the Legion, six Terminators with plasma Blaster, a Contemptor Courtis Dreadnought with Assault Cannon and Plasma Blaster, Vindicator, deeptriking landspeeder with multimelta and ten outflanking Vets with plasma guns. Jason was the psychotic World Eaters, sent to punish us for annoying Horus somehow. His list was basically two choppy squads on foot and another with jumpacks including an apothecary and his boss, as well as a Contempor Cortus with double the fists and a graviton gun. Here I was glad for mutable tactics and the flexibility for Skorr to choose a Warlord trait. So I got to craft my plan on the fly: Counterattack for everyone, castle up around the Vindicator with the Terminators, then use my flanking reserves to set up the kill zone. Did it work or did the World Eaters' lack of subtlety pay off?

Friday, December 30, 2016

Star Wars Armada: Dodonna's grudge against Vader

The last time Jason played Armada was long, long ago.... But he rocked around with 400pts of Imperials a couple of nights ago. The centrepiece of the Imperial task force was the an Imperial Star Destroyer commanded by Vader himeself. As we have all seen recently on the big screen,  (Mild spoiler) the  Dark lord commands those lumbering beasts like an aggressive badass. He had a pair of raider class corvettes as anti-fighter support as well as a half-dozen TIEs to try and fend off Rebel bombers. Most notably, he'd also pulled the incredibly rare Gladiator (p) out of mothballs. Rebel spies state they've never before observed a lone example of a Gladiator class without the Demolisher pattern engine refit. Dodonna had command of a Mon-Cal Mc80 Cruiser and a pair of Assault frigate Bs. The Mon Cal's hangers had two flights each of the latest A-Wings and B-Wings, with Tycho in command. They also had a pair of Y-Wing flights from Gold squadron, aging but almost like a talisman for the Alliance. The Imperials had initiative and chose 'Most Wanted', opting to avoid either tipping their hand via Superior Positions or letting through the dreaded Assault Frigate + Bombers Hyperspace assault. Dodonna has been itching for a personal bout with Vader since the battle of Yavin, how'd he go?

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

I am Alpharius

I love the Christmas/Summer holiday. Two weeks, no work, just the family. As the kids got older and we had a third, gaming/hobby has felt the squeeze I've got a couple of summer games lined up including Armada tonight. Still haven't seen Rogue One but no stress, plenty of time to fit that in. I felt like painting something today so knocked out an old tank as a test scheme for some Alpha-Legion. Yep I'm getting some space Marines. I've had some before, maybe 14 years ago, whenever 3rd edition was. I'd always kind of liked the setting - the background from the early 3rd Ed and before. Like with Warhammer, I'd got exposed to it via a 90s video game, Space hulk in this case. At the point I lost interest and started playing Flames of War, I had been about to start an Alpha-Legion force. However, the gameplay was pretty poor by war games standards and I found I didn't actually see anything to identify with in the setting. That's probably why I ended up with the enigmatic Alpha Legion. In the last few years, they've made the Horus Heresy its own game and it's meant to be a little less stupid and more playable  than 40k proper.  I shall see. 

Saturday, December 24, 2016

X:Wing vs my Tie Swarm

I have been sort-of gaming, and playing Xwing mainly for the sheer convenience as this is a pretty full on time of year. I'm finally on break though so might be able to turn my eyes to something involving actual modelling and painting again..... Anyway, Chris has all this Xwing stuff from years ago when he went nuts and bought heaps on sale. You can still see his post about that on the blog list on the right. I recently bought my first Xwing ship in, also years, on a whim while browsing Books Depository. So we reversed our usual matchup and he took Imperials vs my Rebels. 100pts each.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Infinity Batrep: Operation Onyx Sentinel

Infinity time again. Ben had painted some more Aleph. I have some new EI troops... but not a 300pt list and anyway when I took them vs Chris, I was crushed. So, given Ben tends to know what he's doing, it really only could be Zulu Lance once more. Ben had a 12 Order force led by an Asura. I had my Magister link led by a pair of Santiago Knights. Then another Santiago as the Lt. Then on top of that a Father Knight hacker. Yep I'd gone all out anti-mechanised. On the other hand, Aleph has the filthiest hackers in the game and I was fielding seven Heavy Infantry and a pair of REMs. The mission was Firefight, which I think is new for this season of ITS. There are three Panoplies alone the midline, units deploy 16" in, AD troops can enter the side within enemy deployment zones AND the map is +3 to arrive for drop troops. Points are for kills, specialist kills and Lt kills, then for the most Panoply  grabs. Then there are classifieds. So who prevailed?

Monday, October 31, 2016

X-Wing: Long, long ago...

I last properly played this game about when these boys came out. The Scum and Villainy box remains a great deal But they basically got one proper outing. Then I got fed up with the turn to basically every expanded universe aka fanfic (I love anything from movies/TV) Big Based ship out there.... and pretty much stopped playing. It's obviously a pretty cool game though, and something I *should* be into. Since if I want to play in local gaming events I feel like my main choices are 40k (not ever going to happen, complete rules overhaul pending) and X-Wing. Other things get played, but nothing like those two. Case in point would be the abortive Bolt Action "tournament." I've been doing some trawling on the net but I'll play around with the game a bit, and go from there. I always did best with Imperials but I want to step out of that comfort zone. First dipping of the toes back into the water was a game vs Andy. He has basically enough guys to field one Imperial List. I have basically enough Scum for a list, so a fair list-building environment right there. His was Interceptor (Tur Phenir), Interceptor, Interceptor, Tie, Tie, Tie. Mine was Bobba Fett (With Greedo, HLC, seismic bomb), Z-95, Z-95, (both with one-shot turrets) Y-Wing with Autoblaster turret. How'd I go?