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Legions Imperialis battle report II

  +++5.988.006.M31 +++Subsector Christus Ecclessia  +++Kashmeeri reach +++B ellum omnium contra omnes s Our operations have been detected by elements of the Revenant Legion. The ill-favoured sons of Sanguinius struck swiftly and we were caught in the middle of a key operation. We must conduct a conventional holding battle….. for the Emperor.  ————————————— Jason (Blood Angels) has been rebuilding his for to a more correct size using the forge-manufactories of Rez-een. So just 1000 points this time. I faced off against him using my Alpha Legion and an allied Solar Auxilia cohort. Full lists are at the end of the post.  The mission was: The Alpha Legion will be at the map bottom in the pictures. Their secondary objective is Vital Intel  regarding planetary defence force deployments; while the Blood Angels aim to Breakthrough  the Alpha Legion line and retake the spaceport. There is only a single Alpha legion formation so three units with mutable tactics. A unit of Kratos and the Sicarans

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