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Lasalle V2: Fighting retreat near the Pyrenees

  Just south of the Pyrenees, 1814: a division of British troops clashed with elements of the French rearguard. The format was 250pts Lasalle using my 30mm (half) based Epic scale armies. My actual French opponent found out recently one of his ancestors was an officer in the 2nd Cuirassiers, and even received the Legion d’Honneur after Wagram. So faced with the pressure of that history, decided he’d be perfidious Albion this time. His forces deployed in a long line and advanced. I’d put my best infantry in the centre right, a grand battery on the hill and then assigned my Lancers to support a hook to the right to take that village. It was held only by Hanoverians, with two units of light cavalry to keep my infantry honest. I aimed to refuse the left flank and stationed cavalry there too to stall the likely British advance. Early artillery was effective and one of the Landwehr units broke almost immediately. The British shifted more cavalry and their horse artillery. Their Hussars rashl

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