The night before Legions Imperialis (NZ)


‘‘Twas the night before Epicmass…” If you live in New Zealand anyway. The local game store Wizards Retreat has my preorder ready for me to pick up tomorrow. 

I have no idea how popular it’s going to be here but I’ve taken the approach I took with my Epic scale Napoleonics last year - just paint up two armies. 

So I’ve got started on what I could get before the games launch. My Legio Tempestus Reaver Titan and a flight of Solar Auxilia Lightnings.

Then six XX Legion Storm Eagles. Those Lightnings will have their hands full just being interceptors against that lot. The Reaver will face off against the Warhound titans that come in the box. 

I’ve also ordered a basic entry level filament 3D printer to work on appropriate terrain and it looks like I’ll be needing to print better tokens too. 

One thing about being a week late, the online support is already in place: army builder and Wiki rules reference  to save managing a book with no index. 

Can’t wait. One sleep to go. Pity I’m still an adult and won’t have time to work on them for a few more days.


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