Sunday, October 3, 2010

WOTR Ruin (Hirst Arts)

Craig C has aquired a good selection of Hirst Arts molds and has been pumping out different pieces of 28mm terrain. He gave me some, enough for the two room ruin in this post. However, I wanted something more practical for WOTR so resized it (using a couple of pieces from another lot he gave me) so that the piece would take three infantry trays without have to either take out the figs or put the bases lent up against the model.
There were a few bubbles in the pieces from the moulding process, so I used them to have bits of foliage growing out from the edge of blocks. Here you can see the ruin with three companies of Axemen of Lossarnach encamped inside. An infantry base is pretty much 5x2.5 of their flagstones, so the blocks are perfect for WOTR gaming purposes. I'm sure the guys will be pleased to have something other than trees on felt bases for WOTR terrain, when they drop by!

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