Infinity: Operation Flamestrike

Beasts of War and Corvus Belli have a joint global campaign going. Production quality is very high, including achievements, graphs, and regular YouTube updates. I have joined as PanOceania and so far have netted out as even: one loss and one draw. I've cross-posted the reports here. They can also be seen on the Flamestrike Website. Since that's not really searchable, direct links here:

Battle One was vs Chris' proxies Yu Jing at Sargres tracking station. 300pts seize the antennas. It is an official ITS mission with the addition of a low vis zone across the middle of the board. 

Perimeter alarms triggered 19.42 Local. Early warning detected Yu Jing Dropships coming low around the coast and the bulk of the local garrison were deployed to interdict. Echo One Five remained stationed at the outer antennas.
+++19:59 LOCAL+++
Reports from the coast indicate Yu Jing in full retreat. Casualties minimal. 
+++20:01 LOCAL+++
Connection with an automated patrol REM lost. Nisse sniper saw indeterminate contact on the far side of distortion zone. Weapons hot. No confirmed kill, whatever it was fell back. Second Nisses hooked left while the Father Knight reset and secured the first Antenna from enemy intrusion. 
+++20:06 LOCAL+++
Enemy confirmed Yu Jing Imperial forces. Hsien on point engaged and eliminated the Nisses Sniper and a Swiss Guard on Overwatch. First the antenna closest to enemy went off grid. Then Guilang moved in, dispatched the Crocman on point, secured the middle Antenna, and laid defensive mines. 
+++20:12 LOCAL+++
Command released Dropship from pursuit of the main Yu Jing Force, and a Commando Akal hit the right flank. She went quiet moments later, suspected Ninja. The Father Knight and Nisses worked their way round to the centre. In ensuing fire-fight: confirmed Kill on Guilang and Bao, confirmed hits on Hsien. Father Knight and Nisses both confirmed casualties. 
+++20:19 LOCAL+++
Assessment: Unacceptable local casualties. Retreat order issued. 
Theatre command to manage reroute of assets for cleanup.
Sitrep tagged: Total loss.
Game two was vs Andys Ariadna at TianXian spaceport. 300pts ITS Quadrant Control. 

+++PLANET PARADISO EAST FLAMIA 2185.10.219:15+++
FLAMIA ISLAND is not so far the unqualified success the public require. Hexagon command has approved the insertion of Joan of Arc in theatre. To further reinforce the rightness of our cause, Bravo Lance, of the Knights Hospitaller, will act as escort. 
+++19:16 LOCAL+++
Intel indicated foes of non specific ID. Highest probability = Tohaa. Our spotters report the enemy is making heavy use of primitive camouflage, rudimentary REMs and even packs of alien beasts. Best fit to profile: Ariadna forces. Bravo Lance was almost at entry point when an observer crawled over a roof and aimed his rudimentary laser pointer at Joan’s escort. Brother Santos turned and faced him but his shot went wide and they were targeted for enemy artillery. Multiple rocket strikes hammered their position. Faith and Power-Armour ensured only minor injuries were sustained. Sensors sweeps indicate a line of enemies overlooking the AO.
+++19:19 LOCAL+++
Joan sprang into action and led Bravo Lance around the corner. A prolonged firefight ensued between her and three terrorists watching her approach. Two enemy Tankhunters were felled but a Spetsnaz took several hits and remained standing. Joan sustained multiple wounds and expired on site due to shock, before the Hospitaller Doctor could intervene. Sergeant-Sniper Gabriel revealed himself, and quickly eliminated both the enemy rocket platform and a Foxtrot that attempted to interdict him. With the enemy defensive line suppressed, Bravo Lance advanced. Sergeant-Observer Angelo revealed himself in his forward position.
+++19:27 LOCAL+++
The Ariadnan forces devoted their energies to reviving the Spetsnaz and TankHunters. After much effort, they had them revived and some advanced elements moved forward. They were unable to fire on Bravo Lance so sent an Antipodes pack to flank them. 
+++19:32 LOCAL+++
A Hospitaller Dropship inserted Sergeant Michael on the flank. He fell almost immediately to enemy fire. However, Bravo Lance pushed forward and set themselves covering the approaches to their position in a central building. The chaos caused by the loss of Joan limited their actions but they fell back on faith, training, and long experience as a fighting unit, and reestablished order. 
+++19:38 LOCAL+++
The Ariadnan counterattack proved unable to dislodge Bravo Lance. The Hospitallers were in a good place to push back with overwhelming force on one flank. Due to the lack of enemy visors, Brothers Gabriel and Angelos had the other locked down. 
Theatre command assessment: Loss of Joan to be concealed while Aleph provides replacement. She was incapacitated by Terrorists using weapons violating the Concilium Convention and all loyal citizens should pray for her quick recovery.
Sitrep Tagged: Objectives complete. PR Flag.


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