X:Wing: The Black Knight

I got a bit crook so have had a bit of a gaming hiatus but Chris W (check out his blog on the link list for recent massive X-Wing acquisitions) dropped by on Thursday to play X-Wing. After providing Tatooine as our last gaming setting, this time we had a cool GF9 Ice-planet gaming mat. I need to get one of these. I had a new toy too, my cool new TIE-Phantom: Whisper with Fire Control System, Advanced Cloaking and Veteran Instincts for that all-important PS9. Backing her up, I had a Firespray and two TIEs.
Chris, Chris got his list off Youtube.

Hilariously, that meant he hadn't actually checked the points (when I asked about initiative) but yes the most recent X-Wing world champion had got the points right: Biggs, Rookie X-Wing, 2 Dagger squadron B-Wings with Advanced sensors. I sure was glad I had invested in pilot skill 9...

 The TIE Phantom is hilariously fast when you want it to be: two template forward when it uncloaks, base width, then four more forward. That is one heck of a radar glitch. However, in my eagerness to get to grips with the rebel Scum, I had engaged them in the asteroid field...

 Chris' fleet locked on the space-brakes (not to mention the amazing barrel-rolling k-turning B-Wings) and darted around in place focus firing on my ships. The Phantom also proved a serious headache to use there as it needs to shirt by a 2 template when it de-cloaks and that is dangerous in close quarters.

 In fact, really dangerous. Chris nailed the Firespray and the Phantom in quick succession. Those Advanced sensor B-Wings are amazing. Chris had almost done a loop right around my bottom-most TIE with the bottom B-Wing to get into that firing spot.

 Round 2!

 I am not one to let crushing defeat blunt my more suicidal instincts. In fact I got out of that with only one point of damage.

The plan had been to joy-ride out in front of Chris' guys while swinging the rest of my stuff around (I deploy all of them before he deploys his stuff) to back up the Phantom.

Good plan. Only half of Chris' ships had a bead on me but that is all it took. No I did not respond by rolling four, then three, evades.

Well done Chris. the games were pretty fun. I think I need to get back into the swing of war gaming though. Thanks for reading.


  1. Good bat rep as always :)

    Will have to try put those advanced sensor b-wings!

    Phantom is tricky...I guess just because you get 5 dice in RB1 it doesn't mean you have to live in RB1? It's very tempting though!

    1. I think that I am not a natural Phantom player and that 2 template shift throws me sometimes. Too much skill required? Lol

    2. I find Echo is pretty hard to visualize and I do tend to crash a bit. Given banks are 45 degree turns picking you move with that as your starting orientation is hard lol. With a bit of practice though she is awesome

  2. Cool stuff. Man that Phantom is fast! Drats, now I want one!

    I also must try the advanced sensors on my B Wing in my next game. So many toys, so little time!

    1. The Phantom was cool but the AS B-wings were most impressive.

  3. Nice report. The Phantom looks great, but a bit tricky for me too!

    1. Thanks Red Dog. I generally can take or leave the non-movie stuff but the Phantom would be my favourite of the models they do.

  4. Cool report! Nice to see my fav advanced sensors on a b wing do well! Fun fact, Paul Heavers winning list is called Biggs Walks the Dogs which Chris flew.


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