Baker Company Winter War Kickstarter

I don't see many names that I recognise on the Backer list so here is a 'shout out' for the Baker Company Winter War Kickstarter now that it is on the home stretch.

Not going to be out in time to help you take advantage of Warlord Games' prize support for Nathan's Conquest Bolt Action event but a pretty good deal for Winter War Finns or Soviets!

This is what 60 UK pound backers are up to so far (either Finns or Soviets). Of course back twice that and you get both. If it hits the next tier another tank gets added to the Soviets. I like the Soviet rewards but have backed Finns at this stage as I reckon they might make a good OPFOR for my existing Soviets for the Continuation War.

Closes Tuesday October 8th.


  1. Yea, trying to sell off a few items to pay for my Finnish, I just can't hack enough to pledge for the Soviets also as I want to add a few things to the Finns like Artillery, another mortar and up trade a few things for extra troops.

  2. I'd love to have the cash to get both too. I wonder how widely appliccable the Soviet uniforms formthe Winter war are as well. Would they do eg the battle of Moscow?


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