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Fantasy war-gaming has always been something I've been keen on. This goes way back to a (not especially good, in retrospect) book I borrowed from a Library, when not all that old. And even before, there were some pretty cool articles in 'Practical Wargamer' on the topic. Yes, libraries and magazines, this is what we did before the internet! I'm not 'that' old but there was a before the internet for me. Apart from WOTR, I don't do a whole lot of fantasy gaming - we did briefly try WFB. The problem with Warhammer though is that the rules are just awful. It was almost worth putting up with it because of some of the cool stuff but it just compared unfavorably to much better games like WOTR and Impetus. I've never kicked the hankering to play Fantasy wargaming though. Luckily, the suggestion somehow got under Jason's skin and we are totally doing Fantasy using Impetus lists.

At this stage, we are using Imeptus Fantasticus but I think we will introduce some tweaks around heroes and magic etc once we get going. I may have gone overboard and have worked out a Fantasy list for my Humans: the Imperium (Holy Human Empire being already taken):

This will be the perfect vehicle to combine my interest in C15th Holy Roman Empire (I've actually written a whole historical fantasy setting) with some more fantastical elements like Wizards, Paladins...

Or Heroes brave enough to ride one of these things.

Jason is doing some sort of crazy Samurai/Fantasy China mashup. With demons and Ninjas. Early days yet but I have snagged a box of Perry Mercenaries (32 bucks delivered, bargain) and have got started:

Controversially, we are doing this on 12cm frontages because I want more of that big unit look. With the GW movement tray this unit of pike (being one 'unit' of a three unit 'large unit') has a frontage of about 11cm.

My Varyngr on GW WOTR bases have a frontage of 11.5cm so nearly identical. The Emperor (or more likely whatever MarGrave or Palantine Count, who has to fight for him) can't really rely on the fractious Electors and Dukes to support his wars, no matter how necessary to stem the Serpent legions of Abydos or the warmachines of the Bright empire or the Orcs or the Undead... or whatever imperils Humanity at this time.

So the solid core of Imperial troops is always heavily leavened by Mercenaries. Like these Varyngr, seen here as a large unit of FP. Handy how they are already all painted and based.

T will likely be 6 guys in a line. These ones will also have their Pavise shields on the bases. Behind them, are some S Crossbow.

This is a 'large unit' of Imperial Cuirassiers. Fearsome troops and the height of military technology. Also ruinously expensive to equip so no all that numerous in Imperial forces.

For now, I am planning to do a normal Cavalry unit as 6 figs like the above. CL will be a single line of four.

I've got a couple of units of CL Caledanians almost ready to go along with enough Cuirassiers for a large unit or the figs to paint up to make them two single units.

I also have my old kit-bashed artillery that I made back in the day. That cannon is huge! I plan to get some of the cool Hinchcliffe renaissance artillery that Artizan now sell. I just need to find some affordable larger pieces to be Art A. (edit: Found some - TAG / 'The Assault Group' do good ones with free shipping)

Very much looking forward to this, should be a lot of fun.


  1. I look forward to seeing how it pans out Jamie. Being able to use the WoTR movement trays is a good reason to go with 11.5-12cm frontages.

    Good luck


    1. Will make the units nice and bulky too. I'm looking forward to having some 25 fig Pike blocks and 8 fig cavalry units.

      But yes, GW do make good plastic bases.

  2. Cooool!
    Same figures, different game = yay!!!
    I like that you can just make these lists into whatever you want, that's a well thought out fantasy game, I hate it that in some fantasy systems you HAVE to take the models/weapon types the manufacturer puts out.
    Go impetus!

    1. It is cool. Most of those Scots/Cuirassiers were purchased with a Fantasy army in mind and when that went on hiatus I have been trying to drum up enthusiasm for TYW but that hasn't been a happening thing.

      Speaking of same figures, different game - you have a lot of Orcs etc....

  3. That looks awesome Jamie. If I didn't have so much other stuff to paint I'd be sorely tempted.

    1. Just re-purpose stuff you already have! Impetus is a pretty fun game and any Warhammer stuff you've got in 2cm multiples can be used as is.

      Everything fits, since we're making it up as we go along anyway. No doubt - once Jason and I actually 'deliver' and get stuff painted and based to go with all these crazy ideas - we'll be spoiling to fight any Fantasy army out there.

  4. Hey Jaime,

    I was wondering when the blogpost would come out!

    Totally lookingforward to this - almost have the list sorted


    1. It's even got me painting, about a half hour worth before my shift, because that's all the time I can squeeze in. PAINTING. You should post up your list. It will never be finished anyway, so might as well. I already have changes to make to about three units and I still haven't made up magic banners etc.


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