WOTR Version II Series: War of the North Noldor Elves

Elves were the first army I wanted to get for GW's awesome War of the Ring (WOTR) game. That is, until I got a hold of a copy of the rules (thanks Stephen!) and read up on their list. The Elven list was a big disappointment - Firstly, it was a mish-mash catch-all that kludged the Sindarin, Noldor and Elves of Mirkwood together. For the years that people were still heavily playing WOTR, almost every post by a starting Elven player began with their desire to theme their army so that at least it made more sense. Secondly, Elves are horribly over costed for what they can achieve in WOTR. I actually got started with the highly cost effective (we're not talking Mordor here, but still) Minas Tirith list and the gulf created by the mis-costings was immediately evident in every game I played vs the Elves. There was one combo - a kind of bunker that used a font of might, Epic Shots, spells, and Radagast to prevent charges - but something as simple as 'Heroic Charge' (let alone the other possibilities) make that something that will work for an Elven player once. Then not again. My first solution was to come up with some houserules to help balance the game better - and they do at least make them playable. However, they did this without actually doing anything with the mish mash Elven list and so the original problem remained. After seeing the Hobbit Movie trailers, I knew I had to make a Noldor list. It would be much easier to have everything laid out with proper statlines and full explanations of any new rules, right there with the list itself.

 While I was making that list, I thought I might as well make a Rhovanion and Dol Guldur list and this was an opportunity to clean up some of the other imbalances out there. Essentially, this list is balanced against either those new 'War of the North' lists or the original WOTR Rulebook lists, as long as they are using the houserules linked above. This way I think we will Elves worthy of the Armies of Gil-Galad or at least Elrond's Rivendell and devastating sorties like Glorfindel's crushing of the armies of Angmar.

The Noldor list is below, comments welcome. Obviously this is an unofficial list designed to be used with Games Workshop's WOTR rules.

Linky to pdf.


  1. A little spamming here...

    The Twins cost of 35 pts in the MRB always felt rather low to me but I couldn't really find a good place pointwise for them. I put an extra 15 on them to at least cost as much as a captain, but they would still be better. So, then I lowered the captains costs all over... Your way was of course better.

    Glorfindel feels much sharper in this publication.

    "Tagado Haid" gets five stars from me!

    The only thing I didn't like was the common vs rare, but that was mainly because I didn't really understand it.

    Maybe a stupid question but Rivendell Lancers are the Rivendell cavalry that were released just recently, yes?

    This gets a biiig thumbs up from me and hopefully also from my regular opponent - the PDF has a feel of authenticity like it was an official release so I might just say that to keep things simple ;)

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thats ok Llama. I've been seeing lots of views but no comments so ome extra is all good lol

    Yes the Lancers are the new ones. Of all the releases, those are the most attractive to me.

    I would be very interested to see how you guys find them. My feeling is that this list is pretty tough. I think it is balanced but is possibly 'easier' to use than some other lists as the Elves are tough and have their perks. However, I still think that the lists like Misty Mountains (when based around Blackshields), Gondor, Mordor are easily better RAW and I would suggest that all of those lists need the core infantry bumped to 30pts apiece.



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