WOTR FAQ updated on GW website

Look, the game is still supported! Only the two highlighted changes to the old version:

Q: Where it says ʻthe first company purchased is
automatically the command companyʼ, is the first company
included in the base points cost for the legendary
formation (for example, 145 points for the Court of the
Dead King), or do you still need to pay the points for a
company (145+30)? (p86)

A: You still need to pay the points for the company. In the
example above, a Court of the Dead King featuring a
single company would cost 175 points.

War of the Ring: Battlehosts
Q: Do I have to pay 15 points per company of
Mordor Orcs in a Gorgoroth Orc Horde or 20 points
for their additional equipment because of their Mob
Weaponry special rule? (p39)
A: 15 points.

The updated FAQ can be found here. (clicky)


  1. Nice to know they still think about this game system, though I still feel it needs quite a rewrite... 175pts now for Court of Dead King? Even less likely to take it then... ;-)

  2. Although it is a really nice game system, nobody plays it anymore, at least among my friends! The main reason we abandoned it, is the huge amount of miniatures that we needed for a descent army. But such an army costs and unfortunately GW miniatures are too expensive for our wallets! Eventually, we returned to the old SBG. Now, we paint all these miniatures that we bought and used unpainted just to fill the WOTR formations!

  3. Yeah, I haven't played actual WOTR in the longest time. However, SBG doesn't personally inspire me though I have half an eye on it as my eldest boy gets older.

    The lists do need a rewrite. They are good enough to play with but some of the units are either too good for any self-respecting player to use or not worth taking.

    I reckon I could still find opponents locally though. We all got armies (I have Isengard, Angmar and Gondor) from cheap second-hand and have pretty good WOTR sized collections. The fact any new player would have to invest so much to start now does mean they'd have to be pretty enthusiastic though!

    How did your HC (HS) rewrite pan out, Scott?

    1. Hey Jamie, The HS (now-HCF) yahoo group started off well, then got hit with a potential threat of being shut down due to possible IP infringement, thanks to a heads up from RickP... that quietened things down a bit for a while, and lots of lists got removed... However recent lists from John Bennett for use with the Black Powder Pike & Shot rules look very promising, for MiddleEarth Gamers...
      Theres plenty of activity there too for WFB players...

  4. Thanks for this find! I rarely visit the GW homepage. /L.S.


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