Flames of War: Conquest 2012

Panzer IV in AfricaWell, it's that time of the year again: Flames of War at Conquest 2012. Last year, I ran the army thing as a poll and the masses decided 'lots of tanks'. We are between elections now so the plebs get no votes and it is more of the same - lots of tanks.

There were vague murmurings of making Conquest yet another open field late-war event. Fortunately, there was a surge of support for Craigs (?) suggestion that since this was pretty much the Anniversary of El Alamein, we should play El Alamein.

To fully gauge how much I did not want to have to play late-war, please cast your mind back over all of my Flames of War Armies that you may have seen. Notice a theme? Yes distinctly winterish (I suspect Craig expects me to still field the DAK Panzers in Winter camo) and always Ostfront. However, I wanted to play mid-war so much I committed to a new tropical MW army from one of the 'other' fronts.

I will be running a force based on 15 Panzer Division. I have used an available OOB to limit my choices to what there would have been for the battle. There was a little initial back and forth but the consensus settled on: No Gun Stukas, no Pak 40s, and no up-armoured Pz IVs and IIIs. So I have gone with a mix of Pz IV F1s and F2s (though one less F1 than originally planned, see above OOB) along with supporting Pz IIs and Me-109 Air support. The general idea is to use the more fun version of theme, that is: we aren't trying to show-horn people's collections into a 1:1 representation of the various forces but neither should there be more of anything than their actually was at the battle.

Why 15 Panzer? Well they pretty much got annihilated in-theatre so I thought them the perfect fit for my typical (well not that ONE time) Conquest performance.
Progress so far? This lot. Note the conspicuous absence of Pz IIs, Me 109s and one of the panzer IIIs. They are at least on order.... hope they get here on time.  In my defense, two young kids + a newborn has proven surprisingly time/energy consuming but I think can't lean on that excuse any longer. The TO asked last night (prompted by me) who actually had desert terrain to contribute and there was an audible sound of crickets chirping. So in addition to the lot above, plus those to come, I will have to make some terrain to contribute at least one table. Easy, there are two whole weeks and two weekends left...
Sure I am leaving it to the last minute but I got distracted. I got my new ships assembled and basecoated last week and had a great game vs Chris, who used some of my other ships as Orion Pirates with all of their optional mounts turned into guided nukes (drones).
It makes sense really, as these were an Orion Cartel operating on the Federation-Kzinti border (formerly Kzinti Space) and so equipped with Kzinti Kit. I got crushed this time out. Chris baited the Enterprise (Kirk off after Orion girls again...) and Kirov away with his light raiders before running behind asteroids - after lobbing a cloud of nukes at my frigates. Meanwhile, his heavier ships formed a solid wedge and rolled up first my lighter ships, then plowed though the middle of my fleet to eventually see off the Kirov as well. I had to beat a hasty retreat. Anyway, less typing, more assembling/painting though I haven't put aside other things....

Thanks for reading. 


  1. Lots of tanks- That looks like a fun force to run.

    I have to sit down and sort of my DAK stuff- locate my marders especially.

    I forgot to reply to Stephen re terrain but have now done so.

    The fleet and board looks good too

  2. It only took took you, Chris W and Jason to get me to let go of my traditional tanks + infantry format.

    I had taken you contributing terrain as a given. It's me and my fellow Christchurchians that need to pull finger. Steve can't provide everything. I have a few simple ideas to get something done in time that at least beats felt and cardboard.

    Ships are a wip. Cool table is Jason's. It is really well done. Pity he isn't coming to conquest or he'd come up with something typically cool for the desert. He and Andy leave a big hole in terms of really cool tables.

  3. Lots of good stuff Jamie. That is a good looking orbat you found too.
    I'm on the same page as you re our El Al deal.
    "Basically what was there please. I'll try not to be too pedantic." Those are my quotes;-)
    I only have Sat off at this point so we'll see.
    Andy has a table mostly done already! I'm not sure if he can make it though.
    Also, Huzzah!

  4. Cheers Adam. You've got to come - Too many of the crew not able to make it atm. Worst comes to worst, find a buddy and do the split thing Chris W and I had to do, last year.

    Andy has offered his table but needs someone to transport it there.... I am out on that score. I can, however, manage to make up some moveable terrain and get bring it along in a box.

  5. Poochie and I also did the split general thing a couple of years ago and meant we both got to play- I recommend it if it means you get to play for a bit

    After pushing infantry all weekend I feel the need for mainly tanks now Jamie, so may end up DAK armour too, or Carri. We will see.

  6. Well the boys have got into the spirit of things and we now have four German Generals recorded on the tank availability spreadsheet. I think we now have far too many F1s so I think I might rejig my list with one less pz ii and downgrade a pz iii and go all F2 for the pz ivs. Well done for bedecon btw.

  7. Cheers.

    We seem to have a lot of armour, so maybe DAK infantry would be a bit of variety for the allies to face



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