Non-LOTR Interlude: 'Operation Squad' WW2

What's this? Non LOTR figs? I've had this squad of 28mm Assault Engineers from Warlord Games for a while. They were intended for FoF WW2 but realistically the numbers weren't quite right so they went on the back-burner while I awaited reinforcements (in the mail, as I type this) to bulk out their numbers and allow three sections. Then Nathan rocked round Sunday before last and dropped off a new set of rules to try, along with a squad of 28mm Fallschirmjaeger that he had painted up. The blue on the FJ wasn't working for me so that was all the motivation I needed....

 The game in question is 'Operation Squad' by some outfit (distributed by Warlord Games) this, like the WW2 FoF frenzy that has gripped some quarters round here, is a WW2 skirmish scale game. I am pretty agnostic on the issue of what rules to use so wasn't saying no to Nathan's offer to play a game in a week, with a squad there for me to use if I failed to get my own done.
The scale of the game allows a much lower figure count that Force on Force. In Operation Squad it is pretty much 9 dudes plus 1-3 extra. Nathan had Italian Paras with a whole lot of useless special rules and I had 9 Soviet Assault Engineers and A SNIPER! Nathan brought along copious hedges (note the lack of snow terrain) and it was game on. Mission was as in the preview pic above. Basically we started at opposite ends and then went for it. To the left you see the Italian Para advance. In this game you activate units in sets of three each. So to the right of this pic somewhere my LMG team has already wounded one of his advancing Paras and the medic is trailing far behind.

The game was an opportunity for both of us to figure out the game as we went. So in this game, both of us just used normal moves to advance to contact. I had two LMG teams and a Sniper to the one LMG team and riflemen in Nathan's force. Casualties amongst the Italian Paras soon mounted. In an ACTUAL game where people know the rules (we accidentally figured it out after reading up on wounded figures) both sides start 'hidden' and can probably keep that state for the first couple of turns just through moving cautiously. To the right you see the first casualty, still there a couple of turns later waiting for the medic. Being wounded meant I at least left him alone for a little while...

As my paired LMGs had one side of the board locked down, Nathan decided to rush my Sniper. Unfortunately, I had four fresh Assault Engineers with SMGs waiting to counterattack. Unlike FoF, SMGs have crap range in this game (and have penalties to shoot on the move... unlike German Assault Rifles *grumble*) and I did not rate them at first. However, no complaints with their performance here. Not long afterward, the Italians got to breakpoint and individual models started having to roll morale and quitting the field. I really enjoyed the game and can't wait to play more. I particularly love that it has a points system and that the scale is usually 9-12 figs. See end of post for link to video review. 

But first some progress pics. You almost can't see it in that lighting but they have Amoeba Camo Smocks.
there is an official Assualt Engineer list but I kept it stupid, simple and just ran them as assault troops form the basic rulebook.

 And Video Review


  1. Glad to see those Assault Engineers, Davai!

    Good video review too. Those guys are a geeky hoot.

  2. The Assault Engineers are looking cool! Good to hear more are on their way... I will get the nasty Germans ready for them!

    I am curious about Warlord Games' own ruleset for WW2 as well, it is about to come out. Sounds like you enjoyed Operation Squad at any rate!

  3. Lol I am almost concerned you guys have left WW2 entirely for boring moderns but I am getting there with my own collection.

    Bolt-Action looks interesting as a kind of large-scale skirmish. I'll play anything as long as it is fun. New figs will give me two decent squads of Engineers and their MMG and another squad of recon troops and I have figs for a Soviet HQ so hopefully that will be enough for Bolt-Action... with an extra vehicle or two.


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