Flames of War: New trees for the Brave new TLOS World

Obviously, there has been a bit of a blogging hiatus. I'm still here, just working at a workplace with tightly controlled internet so no blogging before/after shifts or on breaks... until my new tablet PC arrives anyway!

Anyway, my initial read through of the V3 rules for Flames of War turned up one immediate and serious issue - I was going to have to sort out my trees. For better or worse, Phil Yates et al have caught the 'True Line of Sight' bug. Now, we still (thankfully) have area terrain for woods and forests but aircraft can be hidden from AA by intervening trees! Now, my previous trees were over 4" tall and easily hid any and all aircraft,so something had to be done.

My answer was Everest Model trees via ebay. 60 trees delivered for approx $14.00.

They are wire trees (like the 'bottlebrush' pinetrees) so had to be based up. I have done mine on a mix of rows - to make treelines - and rounds, to be moveable trees for my area terrain wood.

I think that they are a good height for 15mm, once based up. Not towering conifers but plenty large enough.

I've opted to NOT put snow on them to make them more versatile. Jury is still out on whether this matches the base pieces for the woods sufficiently well and weather they and the roads (also with no snow) give too jarring an effect for the full table.

60 Trees got me off to a good start but I feel I need more...


  1. I like them Jamie- how robust do you think they'll be? I'm interested in getting some for TAG but aren't sure they' be last- they look pretty durable.

    Tue Los in FoW is silly- ground scale changes from a few meters to hundreds of metres yet its WYSIWYG with aircraft? I am happy with 99% of changes this is the one I shake my head at.

    Glad to see you back in the land of the gainfully employed.


  2. The trees look pretty good and at that sort of price I guess you can't go wrong.

  3. They aren't SUPER durable but I think that once you seal them (eg your PVA or my floorwax) they will tend to bend rather than break and then might benifit from re-flocking at some future stage. They weakest point is where they are mounted on the bases. I used nuts but all bunnings had that size were pressed nuts so they were a bit shallow.

    I'm going to get another lot at some stage and looking at those pics, I think I'll be putting snow on the bases of the ones I've already done.


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