February 22, 12:51pm

I've been looking at my post-count. My last post right before the Earthquake was 'The Ill-Omened 100th post' and I am almost at 200 but have been holding off.

I'll be at my son's school at 12.51. A school where the pool had been saved from closure due to budget constraints by over a year of hard PTA work and community fundraising and then... Maybe it will be back in a year or two if a grant can be found somewhere and like everything else in Shakey Chch it is another case of everything 'sorta working' - another is me going to a job interview with a large organistion that is temporarily working out of student accommodation.Or the roads. Or take your pick.

I've never been much of one for counting the quakes but I will say that the last aftershocks I really noticed were those around Christmas - though there was one recently, at night, that actually made me pause in case it was going to actually be something and wake the kids up to remind them of where we are. Just last weekend my son brightened up to know we were doing some shopping out at Hornby - for so many weeks it was the stable and functional place we could go every Saturday and he still feels like it is 'getting out of Christchurch'. So it's a kind of very mixed progress here.

So today is a sad reminder of the deaths and the many cases of people still existing in poor conditions, with a lot of work still to be done. I know many feel that, as so many things improve for others in Chch or so many people have already relocated when things were terrible, that their situation has been 'written out' and people do not understand. I can't claim to understand but I haven't forgotten what is going on for a lot of people.


  1. One year ago today was a day that no one that was in CHCH will ever forget. We will rebuild. Nice post mate.


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