Dystopian Wars: Ragnorak (P)

Since the furious battle between the Empire of the Blazing Sun, The Kingdom of Britannia, The Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Federated States of America had led to considerable losses on all sides but the Americans in charge of the base, all the rest had been content to leave well enough alone.  Today however, John's Austro-Hungarians made a daring assault where none else had dared so far to tread: The research station at the 'Eyrie'. There he made a surprising discovery, a new FSA prototype....

The battle began innocuously enough, with the usual fencing for position.
The Austro-Hungarians were not willing to commit their flag-ship too early, lest it be damaged or lost, like its predecessor. So it was left to frigates, destroyers, and blimps to make the opening moves. My Cruisers attempted to down one of those flyers but it was well screened by an Island and what ships had LOS failed to land hits.
Just as we were getting comfortable whittling away at the Austro-Hungarian fleet - John used the last activation to rush his blimps forward, then cunningly won the activation role for the next round. Double-move! Surely they were not equal to an un-damaged Dreadnought in close combat though? Well perhaps if that Dreadnought prototype has faulty AA and is unable to down a single boarding marine. So that is one more kink to work out of the design. The big pity, so the egg-heads tell me, is that we never got to see if the fatal reactor flaw from the Independence Class has been avoided for this new Enterprise Class....
So here she is, getting her done interrupted other projects a little but I wanted to have a crack at my opponents as soon as possible. I like the model at least... Sheridan gets to rejoin the battle next game so hopefully the actual non-prototype Ragnorak fares better. 


  1. Did the station fall? Nice to see our DW campaign hasnt totally run out of steam just yet.....

  2. The station fell - next guy to play John gets to face the double-shielded Dread. Jason's turn, right? :P

    I've got the models, so I will keep on being a glutton for punishment.

  3. There is certainly punishment to be found at the hands of the Japanese or the Hungarians!

  4. Well Sheridan is back in action (after being benched for two games because he lost his ship) so there might be a reprise of the Vendetta against Melchett on the cards? I sorta see the wounded, half machine, officer as some sort of Ahab figure - darkly piloting his dreadnought around trying to best his nemesis.

    Or I could face the unpainted Antarcticans!

  5. A fun game. I was worried when Jamie put down a twin-shielded dreadnought, especially since I'd fielded mine with no shields. So far the Pflicht boarding attack is actually living up to the hype it gets on the forums. However it does rely on getting the full strength squadron into striking distance, and I suspect they will be on the receiving end of a lot of firepower in future.

    I agree it's time for Jason and I to have another game. Austro-Hungary has been plotting a raid to reclaim SMS Mjolnir for some time...


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