Dystopian Wars Campaign: Turn 3 Map

This turn's movements: 
  • KoB take Sydney from the Austro Hungarians.
  • EoBS take Coral Sea from FSA.
1. Poochie's KoB with 8 territories (+2)
2=. Than's Austro-Hungarians and Kruger's EoBS with 7 territories (+1)
4. Jamie's FSA with 5 territories (-1)
5. Chris' Antarctica with 4 territories (-2)

Poochie and Kruger should slog it out, while I take on either Chris or Than?


  1. I see that our Conquest of the Coral Islands has put us within strike range of Feejee...

  2. When you do slog it out - remember that the new fleet comp is a DN + BB at 900 pts. We'll call that the 'Melchett Clause' or something.

    I expect BOTH of you to sink the others' Dreads. ;)

  3. Bitter about Melchett are we Jamie? At least he didn't sink TWO of your battleships!

    Damned enemy, always attacking Feejee! Putting an airbase as a forward outpost seemed so clever at the time!

  4. Bitter, we in the FSA may not start the fights, but we sure mean to FINISH them! ;)

    Anyways, just getting responsibility for the big-ship escalation clear in everyone's mind.

    Re: Feejee, surely it is the region's catchy name that brings the tourists?


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