Dystopian Wars: South Pacific Campaign turn one.

We've run a full campaign turn now, though Chris (Covenant of Antarctica) has played twice so that Jason (Empire of the Blazing Sun) could get a game in. The big success story has been the mighty Austro-Hungarian (better start getting our new overlord's name right...) push into Australia. John swept around the North Eastern Australian coast, with a great armada - including two massive Dreadnaughts. Antarctican forces were overwhelmed and both the pirate's base and urban center fell . 
In other action, Poochie's Kingdom of Brittania sent Melchett and a Dreadnaught North to take the territory of Phoenix &Union from the Federated States of America. Covenant forces were again under attack by the opportunistic Empire of the Blazing Sun but beat off that attack. 

So the tallies are: 
1. Austro-Hungarian Empire - eight territories. 
2. Kingdom of Brittania - seven territories. 
3. Empire of the Blazing Sun - six territories. 
4. Federated States of America - five territories. 
5. Covenant of Antarctica - four territories.


  1. Good Lord- I have dreadnoughts on my doorstep!

  2. Yup. I was thinking you two kingpins totally need to fight it out! :)

  3. Will you guys be using the DW Land Forces as part of your campaign?

    Great idea :)

    Have fun!



  4. Please keep distracting the Austo-Hungarians Poochie and Chris....while we stockpile our gas supplies!

  5. The Nihonese beware, a raid to recapture SMS Mjolnir is still high on our objective list! But in the meantime... a DN v DN game would be very interesting. I actually haven't played one yet and I'm very interested in the outcome.

    If you're keen Chris, my preference is to play 900 pts (nice clean one DN each). At 1200 I can play but would ask you to let me proxy a BB as a surface carrier.

  6. Hi John, according to the sacred and solemn rules of our campaign:
    "Any level of finessing will be tolerated to encourage players to actually field carriers - for yea, they maketh your fleet worse, not better."

    I think I really need to take on the Empire of the Blazing Sun. I covet the Mariana Islands.


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