Dystopian Wars Campaign: Battle for Phoenix and Union

Dystopian Wars time again. Admiral in chief Poochie aka 'That madman Melchett' staged an assault on the flank of the FSA holdings in the Pacific. 

We decided to play for 900pts, since it was an evening game, and that meant one territory staked each. I struck south into the large air-bases in Feejee, while Poochie went for my supply base in Phoenix and Union. 

I took along the ill-fated FSS Constitution, with the newly christened FSS Revolution as my flag  (both Independence class). Then I accompanied these with a pair of Lexington cruiser squadrons and a pair of frigate squadrons. 

Poochie opted for three squadrons of frigates, one of cruisers, a battle ship and...

.... yes a Dreadnought. 

How did the FSA fare?
 Admiral's log, January 13, 1870 - 09:00: Well it looks like I'm not going to sit around and enjoy my promotion for taking the Eyrie - Melchett is back and he has Thunderchild. 

I knew that the Limey's were keeping it out of the fighting at the Eyrie so they could betray us with it when we were weak from doing the real work. What's that phrase their foreign office is so fond of? Something like: "Whichever side wins, Britannia's interests will be secured."?  You've gotta love the nerve of these guys.
Admiral's log, January 13, 1870 - 09:45: Dammit all to hell, klaxons are blaring, kids are running all over the place and some Glaswegian in the engineering room tells me the fusion reactor has begun to leak. 

Admiral's log, January 13, 1870 - 10:00: We've returned fire with both our battleships but 'no dice'. Full broadsides and still the Britannian vessels come on full-speed. 

The Glaswegian has just told me that another hit like that is bound to shake loose something even more serious and we risk the loss of Revolution if she does not withdraw. I've sent in Cruiser Squadrons Pennsylvania and Appalachia to screen our movements, while I try to salvage 
something from this mess and hopefully scratch up that Dreadnought enough to send it back to port for repairs.

Captain's log, January 13, 1870 - 10:30: Aw hell. I knew it was serious when the old man warned me to be prepared to take over, he's not one for unnecessary drama. 

Revolution has gone down. I've ordered the Cruisers to continue to engage, while I send the fire-ships through them to hopefully sow some chaos of our own. 

It is imperative that we withdraw in good order and don't lose another battleship, or the way to Pearl will be wide open.

Captain's Log, January 13, 1870- 11:15: We've been sparring with the Britannian's for over an hour now. They keep sending in waves of frigates, we keep shooting them down. It is a losing battle though. Already Cruiser Squadron Pennsylvania reports heavy losses and I don't think we are going to be able to get her out of the path of that Dreadnought. Likewise our frigates. I would like to say that they sold their lives dearly but they proved unable to do more than minimally damage their opposite numbers. Let me put it this way, it is so bad that the highlights of this mess are the torpedo bombers sinking a Britannian cruiser with a single attack run and the fact that the frigates at least distracted enemy fire long enough for Constitution to escape. Captain James with Cruiser Squadron Appalacia sends signals that they are are ready to swing into the enemy flank. However, I respond to the negative and give the order to break for open seas to the North.

Well that went... badly. A fun game but a big loss after the only things that could credibly threaten that Dread, early enough to make a difference, did very badly. I wasn't about to get back into the game either. Poochie harried me mercilessly with swarms of frigates and I began to bleed activations and firepower. 

At least I didn't lose both Battleships!
 Phoenix and Union is now part of the Kingdom of Britannia. 

Thanks for reading.


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