"Hey ho, let's go": 2012 Ironman Challenge for Chch gamers.

After being a bit bored with all the decidedly stodgy lists at Conquest 2011, I feel we need to get back to basics here with our Flames of War. The really cool armoured and mechanised lists used to get the majority of the play and are got players out of the mindset that they needed to defend, build gun-lines, set up the forts to slow things down further, and generally dig and fight till the last. I'll let the Ramones jump in and explain a little further:

Thanks guys, right, where were we?

So far, there has been a relatively positive reception to the idea. In stroke of luck, my lovely wife gave me these for my birthday, this week:
Lovely Plastic Soldier Company half-tracks. Looked like a sign to get going so I had a look at Eastern Front (for Midwar - LW is about to be revised AGAIN) and came up with this:


CiC and 2iC with Panzerknackers
Two full Gepanzerte PanzerGrenadier platoons w Panzerkancker upgrade for HQ.
Gepanzerte Heavy Platoon with 1x Observer Rifle, 1x Kubelwagen, 2x Sd Kfz 251/2C (8cm)
1x Command SMG, 1x Observer Rifle, 1x Motorcycle and sideCar, 2x 7.5cm IeIG18 gun
1x Command SMG, 3x 7.5cm PaK40 (can be combat attached to a PanzerGrenadier platoon)
1x Tiger I E
1x Command SMG, 1x Kfz 15 field Car,1x Observer Rifle, 1x kubelwagen, 3x Panzerwerfer 42 and loaders

It's just shy of a good round 1500pts. The beauty of it is, that I have almost all of it. The infantry guns are out of shot and I will have to strip the 251 HTs that are currently in Soviet colours (in Red Bear, I will always be wanting M3s now) and get maybe two more 251 HTs from somewhere. Should be a fun wee force and I just need to get to work on all those halftracks.
We bring you TWICE the Bliztkrieg in Christchurch though. Poochie has Thirty Years War Spanish on the 'to do' list. Above you can see some of my heavy cavalry ready to take him on.
I got very inspired by the above WI issue on the Swedish entry into that conflict, on German soil. I think Gustavus Adolphus showed the Germans the idea of Bliztkreig hundreds of years early! So in my 'to do' list is to also get my Warlord Games fig of the great general painted up and based.

Lots to do and have to clear the rest of the Dystopian Wars backlog first so...

...Hey ho, let's go!


  1. Looks really good Jamie! MW Panzergrens are the shiznar.

    Very much looking forward to TYW as well :)\


  2. So what is the actual challenge then?

  3. Armoured and Mech lists - ACTUAL armoured and mech lists. We want to see medium/light tanks and/or halftracks abounding.

    They need to be used at events so there is some more variety. People seem to like those lists, and have those lists, but go all conservative the moment there is a Chch comp.

  4. Last tourney I took US Armour! But that I suppose links to your point about ChCh comps. Certainly the last Conquest was a "tough infantry" fest.

    Curious idea at any rate....

  5. Yes - that other comps get to have all the fun just makes us seem worse by comparison! Conquest was a natural progression of several mutually reinforcing long-run trends. IMO. Theoretically (well I know it can, because it used to be), FOW can. on more than the odd occasssion, give me exactly the kind of fun and fluid game Impetvs gives me.

    My ideas often appear curious. It's because there is a madness to my method. Or something.

  6. Did somebody say Cavalry?
    Or did you say mechanized?
    Or was it Cavalry Reconnaissance Troop, (Mechanized)?

    Dunno cuz, "DDT did a job on me...
    ,now I am a real sickee!"

  7. I've taken Mech Germans to 2 of my last three
    MW comps and Hungarian armour to the third.
    LW is a different beast and I haven't taken mech to that.

    A mech comp would be good- do Cosssacks count?

    Marders are my never leave home unit with my MW pazergrenadeirs- the mobilty is very handy. That is an interesting force no HTs with the pak 40s?


  8. But you took a FJ fort list to Conquest, just like Bikewrench the committed mech-Cav player with... yet more fanatical infantry! :) I don't think cossacks are quite sufficiently tanky and prone to bog, nor in anyway 'Iron' for that matter, though it's not like there are exactly fixed rules to this random idea - more a general feeling something must be done and I guess the main thing is that no lists count as 'Infantry'.

    Re: the actual list - yes I think it would be changed were I to actually buy more stuff. No HTs with the paks because I have just enough, if I don't take them.

    Oddly, Stephen's ideas for Warclouds (in that email seem intended to encourage a different force mix as well?

  9. LoL DLINO (defensive list in name only!). Alas LW whenever I start building a mech force I suddenly remember the fact I will no doubtedly see 20-30 T34s and so require a min of 3 AT options and so the half tracks turn into a 3rd AT platoon.

    I build what inspires me- and Cassino FJ + a themed table to match was the inspiration that caught my attention pre Conquest. I've been meaning to get to grips with a panzer lehr mech force for some time now (Pumas!) so am keen to take that to the Conquest LW Ironman challlenge- or even LW US Armoured Rifles which I just can't seem to get to a balance I like.

    Alas won't be able to go to Warcloud's.


  10. Belated Birthday wishes. Hope you enjoy working on the Half Tracks as much as I currently am!


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