Dystopian Wars: Birthday presents

My awesome family gave me Dystopian Wars models (in addition to some cool PSC 251 Halftracks), how did they know? Heh. The littlest gave me some blimps ('loons, she calls them), the eldest gave me a huge Saratoga Class Carrier - because he heard me say I thought it was the coolest looking DW model going - and the Pro-Painter gave me the John Henry's because they looked the most interesting to her.

The Saratoga is an awesome model. In fact, it sold me on the FSA fleet. So ugly yet so practical. What is more Steam-Punk than a double-decker paddle-steamer aircraft carrier? Well the Zeppelin version, clearly. However, I like the ship best. The big problem with it is that it is big so taking it uses up our 50% cap on large models. On the other hand, I've unilaterally decided to just ignore that with the Saratoga, since I think taking one makes the fleet worse - not better!
In the end, I decided to do the John Henry's in Stars and Bars, just like Old Glory - the FSA flag. They are uninspiring in a unit of two but Poochie wanted a model so I've got a third on the way via airmail. Thankfully, they toned down how 'Obscured' works in the rules so I can run them with a clear conscience. They will be the Sheriffs of the skies.

Many will be aware that they, for some reason (sadism?) put a whole lot of internal detail on the Saratoga that will NEVER be seen in-game. So this pic is just to prove I painted it.
The pressies came with a spare Saratoga that I didn't intend to use until our games got very big (due to the strictures of the Bangkok treaty). However, once I had the other one prepped up, I knew I wouldn't be able to resist fielding them both, even at 1000pts. However, they definitely make the fleet worse, so probably not all the time!



  1. Loons? Your daughter may be... referring to something other than your models in this case.
    They look great though mate!
    How many 251's are those boxes?
    We need to get an rpg session in.

  2. Hey Adam,


    I've put the question around for you.

    Re: the HTs - five to the box, though they don't have the 37mm gun for the command track.


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