WIP Rough 6mm (EA) Sci-fi terrain

 With this new 6mm Sci-fi (ie Epic Armageddon) thing I have been working on, I have a new problem: appropriate terrain! I have plenty of snow terrain and can do a good, full table for both 15mm (FOW and Ancients) and 28mm (Ancients and WOTR)....

.... but I broke out of the rut and went with a new desert theme for this one.

I guess I *could* buy some or lovingly craft something intricate but that would be violating the spirit of this blog.

So I've got some junk: old blister-packs, pieces of mdf, bits of tubing from kids discarded party balloons, the dregs of accessory sprues, sewing pins, ping-pong balls and sundry bits of plastic. Then I've got out the 'Gap Filla', PVA and sand and knocked these together during odd spare time last week. In the photo above, you can see the air-base (right), repair hanger (bottom left) and comms station (top middle). In the photo to the right, are about ten domed (flat might get piled up with sand!) dwellings and then a half dozen wind-traps.

They look slightly less rough with the black under-coat on them. The aim was to have a mix of small scattered structures to provide some cover modifiers to shooting. Then the three larger structures have vantage points to sit infantry and should block a lot of the ground level LOS.

I think I need to model some sand and spice features next.

And a Sandworm?


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