Progress: Epic Atreides

Firstly, this is my own actual progress. Since we are stuck inside, I did what all good war-gamers do and saw to some of the backlog. In my case, some of the 6mm Sci-fi I had to play Epic Armageddon with.
From Jul 25, 2011

Here is what I have so far. To the rear are the five Ornithopters, in front of them are a detachment of Atreides infantry, with their transports. I've modeled options so three Rhinos and two Razorbacks (in EA parlance). In the middle foreground are a pair of SPAA tracks and then to their right are a platoon of Atreides combat tanks (Predator Annihilators in EA parlance). To the rear of those is a 'Carryall'/Heavy Ornithopter, which I am using for a Thunderhawk gunship.

From Jul 25, 2011
I like the look of them better on the table than they look in those photos. However, blurry vision and all (need glasses, sigh) I think I've handled the tiny scale ok and I like painting little tanks. The bases on the infantry bug me a little, since I feel they need at least a tiny amount of foliage. However, few plants indeed on the surface of Arrakis. That's why I chose green as the air-identification marking, you don't really ever get green on the surface of that planet! Handily, green and black are also the Atreides House colours as well.


  1. That Epic A posse is coming along nicely. Big fan of Dune too. Easy.
    I'll need to watch some time!

  2. Awesome models, look foward to playing them!

    Marines are a tricky army to play. In a simple head-to-head engagement with (say) Imperial Guard, they lose. But using their shennanigans (my definition; air assaults and teleport attacks) they present a real challenge to anyone!

    Key advice - check victory conditions on turn 3+, and multi-formation assaults (especially from high speed units like bikes/speeders) are nasty.

  3. Cheers guys. Don't you love that the idea actual flapping sci-fi flyers? They could never bring themselves to show that in the film/tv versions!

    And Than, 'shennanigans' might well be the one-word summary of the Dune storyline.

    Speaking of which, next up to try painting are some of the Fedaykin. Question is, what colour? Black is not going to work well at all in 6mm. Perhaps the reverse of the Atreides infantry? Light Grey still suits, with the raised armour as black? If only I was one of those clever artistic wargaming painters.

  4. Didn't the recent miniseries version have flapping ornithopters? I shall have to research this, as background viewing while I paint up my Harkonnen chapter Marines.

    Straight black probably won't work, but a dark grey might. What colour were you going to do the cloaks?

  5. Hi Than - Kanly then!

    re: the ornithopters see here about 1:18

    What they did was give the flyers twin fans and each fan was on a hinged stub-wing at the back so they would 'flap' when they banked but not actually flap like a bird, like a proper ornithopter.


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