Progress: FOW Panzerwerfers finally painted!

I've had these boys since not long after 'Eastern Front' was released. I took one look at even cheaper Panzerwerfers than the good deal they were in LW, and went out and picked these up. I used to field 105mm arty with my Grenadiers, but they actually put the price of those up, and I had been using borrowed models anyway. So it was a good time for some new models - I like painting FOW armour anyway. I just used the same scheme I used for my Tiger support. It is hardly 'historical', but I like the look. The Grenadiers were the original snow based army for 151st Regt, 61st Division at Kinderheame Hill, Narva 1944.

Basing up that began my habit of basing everything on Snow. Some (ie Jason) are not a fan, but I like winter armies. This unit used up the final spakka-filla in the little tub I bought to do those Grenadiers for Conquest in 2007. With Panzerwerfers and the 4th Pak-40 Dave E is trading me, the same list and models do both LW and MW. All I need to change is take one more Tiger I in LW.


  1. Looking Good Jamie,

    They look really good, Panzer Grey with a white wash or white camo always looks good. Thats why I like the winter of '42 so much for modelling.

    I DO like the snow armies (I have 2 myself and the terraine remember) but its just not as "multi-purpose" as a generic based army.

    Nice work, Im not looking forward to getting pounded by them!

  2. Thanks Jason. By 'not a fan', I was reffering to my penchant of basing everything (well, not my Ithilien) on snow bases. :)

    The Panzerwerfers died cheaply to Adam's recon. We set things up so it was a FFA, to give his mobile shooty army the best possible chance vs Grens, and reworked his list to have a couple of arty batteries 'Across the Volga'.

    My LW Grens are a bit 'soft' and would get run over by any mobile force in either FFA or Encounter. But they are really only my MW Grens with one more Tiger I! They just give me something other than Tankovy all boxed up ready to take to the club and play LW. Tankovy vs Rick's list wouldn't be worth playing. Andy recognised the army from when he first crushed it @ Conquest 2007 LW, the Panzerwerfers are the only change.

    I'm looking forward to running them as a MW army though.

  3. Ouchies. I love the 'werfers ever since Stephen S lent me his and I had a heap of fun with them.

    You really cant go past Rockets as template system (unless you wnat to kill big tanks)

    Adam has a soft list vs "Normal" armies, but its hard as vs other Recon. WIth your changes did he manage to crack your wall Grens?

  4. No, he let me double my Tigers around the flank to an objective and did not have quite enough to keep contesting it.

    If he had set up slightly better (say some inf on the flank he wasn't pushing) it would have been close though. Paks had all got nailed, panzerwerfers were gone and I was down to a Gren plt on one objective!


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