A little more progress

Jason is plowing through his side of the great fantasy army-challenge. I can't properly begin until December 12th, but I will claim that at this early stage - I have the most actually painted! In seriousness though, I have been able to get ready odds and ends out of my extras boxes and make up the artillery from bits provided by Jason. I found a Druid figure, who I decided could be one of the characters from one of my favourite PC games, the awesome 'Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned Rat'. Since I pretty much fail at my late night miniature photography, it is a bit hard to make out the resemblance, but the figure does a pretty good 'Amber' Wizard. His powers are pretty cool in the game, a mix of attack and unit support spells, with the option to transform into a Dragon, if he rolls amazingly well! The other item on the work table was my second mortar. I now have two of these and a cannon, so I should be set vs Jason's infantry heavy Reman Empire list. You can have a crazy (and wildly inaccurate) multiple rocket launcher in this game.... so I might have to look into making one.


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