Elfwine and his Knights

My Good army is based on the Prince of Ithilien's forces in the Fourth Age. They were charged with scouring the remnants of Evil form the lands to the east of Gondor. This is a task of decades and the soldiers who fought would have been a mix of a core of the men-at-arms of Ithilien, soldiers from the rest of Gondor, the Elves of Ithilien (sometimes even the Ents!), and Gondor's firm allies, the Men of Rohan.

This unit represents heavy cavalry led by the Prince of Ithilien's nephew, Elfwine, heir to the throne of Rohan. We generally play at 1000pts, so I have to keep them to 250pts for the allied component. This means I can't quite fit the excellent Eomer as the model for Elfwine's abilities, so he will use Erkenbrand's (passed on by this time) statline instead. The cavalry are not the King's own Knights, these ride with Eomer Eodig. But are well equiped and hardened veterans nonetheless and so fully merit the Royal Knight statline. Elfwine (Erkenbrand) along with five companies of cavalry is 250 points exactly.
I'm lucky to still have these models. Jason had his eyes on the full 36 Rohan models that I had purchased from Trademe, but my wife reminded me (smart girl) that I probably wanted to keep at least some of them. I was never going to get around to a Rohan army, though now that I have these painted I like the look and may reconsider one day. The basing is still yet unfinished and this is just the hodge-podge the guy who sold me the unpainted (well, they had blue cloaks!) models was using. I think I might just stick them all permanently two to a base and texture it. It will look better and you don't need the casualty marker aspect as much for cavalry. I just haven't decided on a basing scheme yet.


  1. Yep, never trade away what you might one day need!

    My Rohan force is about to be upgraded when the new plastic Norman knights come out- they'll be used as my knights/heavier cavalry.

    I like the theme



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