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Earlier on, I wrote a post about the Ringwraiths which I felt were the worst offenders in terms of potential to get out of hand. They were so bad in large part because they provide boosts to entire formations. This might be a couple of companies, or it might be ten or more.

Now, when Battlehosts came out, I wondered to myself if anyone would use that Gorgoroth orc horde - which is just one huge formation of multi-role orcs and then put in the Betrayer to give them all rerolls, and Khamul to bounce damage. That's just me being hypothetical though, right?

Martin tells me that he had a game against just such a force a week or two ago. Now Chch is not a big place, though it's bigger than Iceland! So I tend to think this will on average be pretty common around the place.

As a new 'evil' player, I say we should all just say NO to using those wraiths with their exisitng rules. It's just too much, and we really don't need to cheap edge it gives us. I see them in so many new lists, and it's like 'training wheels', after not too long it's a bit cringeworthy to see them kept in, or even added to.


  1. Yep, Xelee, sometimes its best to just say no!

    Just because the rules say you can doesn't mean you have to/should! Some really enjoyable games are to be had where people don't max out their armies and take "lesser" troops- alas points based system tend to encourage min-maxing.


  2. Funnily enough Craig, "Just because you can, does not mean you should" used to be a sig line I used lol.

    In FOW there really isn't anything I consider to be too much (aside from nigh invulnerable tracked tactical nukes being silly) as long as both players know what they are doing.

    However, in WOTR I think the reality is that there needs to be some house-ruling. Screw this 'mutual agreement' malarky though, it's used as an excuse to not do it far too often. No one can stop us taking less than the rules give us in our own armies.


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