Cavs in Brief/More progress

There wasn't much to report on the Cavs front this week. I played Keith in 1500pt LW Breakthrough (FOW). It was my new 26 tank Tankovy vs his Udarny. The game took too long to play, so we cut it short. He wasn't having a good time of it though. I genuinely do wonder if he has been playing too much vs Dave and Brent, since he does not seem to handle planning out attacking in missions well. Nominally you defend in BT, but in reality it is a 'Free for All in the far corner' and an infantry player (as Keith was) needs to ensure his infantry head there right away, unless he is sure he can destroy my on-table forces before turn 6.

He did have a 'plan' to harrass my armour with one Udrany company but of course I could always just drive away. I haven't been playing FOW for a while, so I think I haven't been taking account of how new he is sufficiently and have been keeping my thoughts about his deployment to myself. Brent will never handle BT, but Keith will do fine once he learns the basics (I know nothing advanced about this game). Also, I've been encouraging him to look at rebasing with less guys per stand and go for good old plain CT Strelkovy from Fortress Europe over the glory boys from Stalin's Onslaught. The CT Strelkovy you get LW is a fearsome list, which can tackle anything. Whereas Udarny are less flexible and a smaller army overall. He likes attacking things, so has the right mentality, he just IMO needs to bring more of the tools for the job to keep defensive German players like Dave, Chris et al on their toes.

Also, I have made some progress! This is actually from last week but they were awaiting their banners. Two more companies of Carn Dum Warband and another siege bow. I had originally planned four but I think three will be enough for now.


  1. Well, I guess 26 tanks- most of which I assume are T34/85s would give many infantry forces fits!

    The Carn Dum are coming along nicely!


  2. Heh.

    I am telling the guys it is all your and Jason's fault. You sold me the extra '85s and Jason swapped me ten more '76s. Did you know that 30 mixed T-34s (15 '85s) actually fit in 1500? Mine was less extreme. Keith has IS-2s, which were enough to block the quick approach, if only he had both Udarny coys with flamethrowers near the objective to take out me tank units as they tried to move around the terrain. He had a nice big hill next to the objective (diff going, of course) to work off, but I was able to shoot one Udarny below QoQ before it pounced on me... two though.

    Rick was a smart lad and made sure to collect on the promised Encounter with his Bake vs my Tankovy. That's on Thurs, should be fun.

  3. Oh, all my fault is it!

    With Breakthrough vs massed armour I tend to only defend 1 quarter and try to enfilade the armour- forcing them to deal with my solid defence. Defending both quarters often ends with the attacker taking out half your army piece meal- at least in my experience.

    I agree with the FE infantry rather than the Urdany- more toys is worth the trade off IMO



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