I thought it was time I got an army blog. It will not be one of those fancy showcase blogs, oh no. The idea is to chart whatever progress I am making with my armies, with the aim of getting them to the table more quickly. I'm no great painter or modeler, but I do enjoy playing games, and I figure that if I keep putting through the armies, I will improve.

This blog starts with the arrival (unexpectedly early) of the figs for my second War of the Ring Army - based around the fierce hillmen who formed the backbone of the Witch King of Angmar's dread hosts.

Bits and pieces of my other army, Ithilien (Gondor) will likely pop up here and there later on. There is a little less pressure to get the Angmar army on the table, unlike the Ithilien one, which I wanted playable ASAP. This one just needs 500pts sorted by sometime indeterminate in August, for the next mini-event. We'll see how I go, eh?


  1. Looking good Jamie!

    Nice idea to do a blog like this, you and Craig will inspire me to get round to starting my own blog...

    Nice intro on the Car Dum Warbands as well. Those Gripping Beast guys will be great for them!


  2. Funnily enough, it was you musing about a blog for yourself that spurred me to put some of that insomnia to good use and put up this blog.


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