Friday, September 23, 2011

Why I should keep away from the Internet II: Sengoku Period for 28mm Impetvs?

Pooch has been trying to peddle his crack around the local blog community once more.
Now, Dystopian Wars is pretty cool and I almost went and looked into it until (typically Magpie like) I got re-distracted. As you know, I am easily distracted, especially when there is a movie/video game tie-in.  Pictures of this fella have been around for a while:
He is 'ok' but we just know that this isn't going to translate well into actual detail when it gets turned into plastic.On the other hand:

Then this guy pops up (see here for fancy 3D rotatable version). Now this I can like, specifically a whole big 28mm Impetus army with these guys as the basis. See the glorious army in formation:

And the Impetvs statlines:
SAMURAI 1550-1600 AD - last update 1 September 2009
CS=Average (12 pts)

NrType M VBUI DVD PtsNotes
0-4 CP- Mounted Samurai (*) 8 7 4 B 3 38
2-8 FP - Foot Samurai (*) 5 6 3 B 3 26
2-8 FP - Ashigaru 6 5 2 B 2 19
0-2 T - Ashigaru archers 6 3 0 B 2 16 Longbow B
0-2 FP - Ronin 6 5 2 B 2 19
0-6 T - Teppo 6 4 0 B 2 21 Harquebus A
0-4 FP - Militia led by local samurai 5 3 1 C 1 7
0-1 Artillery 3 1 0 B 1 15 Art B
0-20 Palisade sections - - - - - 5 permanent fortifications (**)

NOTES AND OPTIONS. You can provide palveses to one or more Units of T for an additional cost of +3 pts per Unit.
You can provide long spear to one ore more Units of Ashigaru FP for an additional cost of +3 pts per Unit
(**) Note. Palisade sections have the same frontage of Units.

Check out the WGF Ashigaru in action performing a  'Triple Barrage' attack just a little bit into this. That game sold me the newly released PS2 back in the day. 
I reckon this could be just the little project, when they come out. Now off to TM to get a copy of Kessen!

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  1. Dude, see Kurosawa's movie 'Ran' and you're done for.;-)
    One of his best.