Sunday, May 1, 2011

Impetvs Danish and new idea for Sabot basing.

 I went on a little basing frenzy this week and prepared a 300pt Danish Army (from Extra Impetus 2) for Impetvs. This took advantage of the decision to individually base my Carn Dum Warriors (for WOTR Angmar) on proper 25mm round bases, and GW movement trays, rather than permanently basing them on WOTR sized bases.

The list above is a bit wrong. I made it as Good General, Fair General, 4x Large units with Veteran fronts (the flags) and four x standard Huscarl large units, then six skirmishers. Large units of Vikings seem fairly reliable, with their durability and high VBU. I based that on my spreadsheet for this list but I see that is incorrect. However, it is incorrect largely in my favour! I played them vs Andy as VBU 5 Vets and VBU 4 Huscarls.... The Huscarls are VBU 5 and the Vets are VBU 6! So looking at the proper list, I think I can field something pretty formidable, despite the complete lack of cavalry, vs Jason's planned Normans. Hopefully it will also get a few runs vs a Norman force commanded by Stephen S as well.

So here is the actual 300pt list that I will run with (once I get my Bondi for the Archers):

Poor Command
Good General (Svein II, for the Danish)
Four Large units of Danish Huscarls, with Veteran Fronts. (VBU 6)
One Large unit of Danish Huscarls. (VBU 5)
Two S Javelins
Two S Archers

Allied Anglo Danish Rebels
Poor General (Edgar Aethling for the Anglo-Danish)
One single base of Huscarls (VBU 6)
Two large units of Select Fyrd with Longspears (VBU 5 front)
One S Archers
Here are the sabot bases. I just made them out of good old bostik gap-filla, and then added snow and static grass. I tried it first by just sticking bases into the gap-filla to make holes, but found it worked better to put down bases and then put the gap-filla around them. I guess I need to learn to be less of a male and read the instructions! Just fill the gaps. You can't avoid stringy bits with this stuff, and I cut these off, once dried. To accommodate the 25mm round bases, these are only three figs across, and the base is 11cm (rather than 10cm) deep, to fit four 25mm rounds with space for edging.
I got the idea from my GW WOTR bases. The thing I always liked about them was that they allowed you to pretty up the bases a little, by obscuring the chunky 25mm round bases.


  1. Brilliant idea on easy Sabot basing Jamie. Much quicker then trying to drill holes out of MDF other such methods.

    Vikings sound like they are going to be MEAN (like they should be) and I look forward to facing them.

    Why add the Saxon rebels though? Flavour? Shieldwall in effect means you dont need to rely on Long Spear armed troops to negate the Norman Knights impetus bonus...

  2. If only I had been brilliant a year ago!

    Vikings don't look like they get large unit bonuses. So the rebels are something that does (due to longspear) and also can RELIABLY be in shieldwall. Discipline tests with C rated troops mean that 1/2 - 1/4 of your guys will still not have their shieldwall up when the enemy hits.

    And they add flavour! I might not go with them yet, have to see how the WGF unarmoured guys work out.