Wednesday, October 27, 2010

1000pt Angmar completed

The rush to get done for my second best option (which I won) at Conquest meant that the finishing touches of the real project of this blog fell by the wayside. However, here they are, the full 1000pts of completed Angmar. They total fourteen companies of Carn Dum Warband, the King of Carn Dum (Thrydan), the Tainted, Buhrdur, three Carn Dum Siege bows and they are all led by the Witch-King in his earlier, lesser, state (Dwimmerlaik).

Next up WOTR modelling wise is to get the Dunlending Battlehost sorted out. I have all the models I need, and just need to get them assembled, based and painted.

I also really should get those little gift-shop houses turned into proper 15mm wargames terrain for Flames of War. I think I have enough bits for a second WOTR ruin too, I liked the way the first one turned out.

I made a new WOTR mission (a port of Fighting Withdrawal) to try out vs Jason along with those houserules I posted up. I think I have a plan for another new mission too, WOTR desperately needs new missions!

1 comment:

  1. Looks good Jamie!

    I like the snow bases in the end, even if they do detract fromt the lovely models.

    Good stuff, I look forward to riding them down with MY "Men of the North" tonight. :)