Monday, February 14, 2011

February Progress II and Impetus basing redux

Jason's blog has been a veritable hive of Impetus/Romans related activity recently (another person who needs to use the Impetus tag more!). Could it be that another clash between our two toy solider collections is imminant? The best thing to ensure those models get painted is a battle and the sure prospect of pics on the internet afterward.
You have to love a set of models bearing the caption: "The last thing many Muskets see, the thunderous charge of the Cuirassier!" I've got one of three planned units painted and based now.These models were the entire reason I wanted the Warlord ECW/TYW and it is good to have some done - despite the fact it is quite unlikely that you'd find these fighting alongside Covenanters! I painted these, and my wife painted the horses. Their flag is by Dux Homunculorum. This element will contain the army general, so I gave them suitably heroic white horses.
We are using Basic Impetus lists. Jason is using the EIR list, I am using the Maximilian Imperial list, since it had the mix of units I wanted , and the original intention was the Basic Impetus be the standard system for Fantasy matchups. The painted Cuirassiers will be the VBU 7 CP General, and their almost painted fellows will be the VBU 5 CP backup. A flag and shinier armour can really transform a unit's combat performance dontcha know.
NrTipoMVBUIVDNote e armi da tiro
1 CP(*) 8 7 4 3
1 CP 8 5 2 2
4 FP(*) 5 4 2 2 Landsknechts - pikes
2 S 8 2 0 1 arquebus B
1 T 6 3 0 1 arquebus A
1 ART 3 1 0 1 artillery B

My stunning wife has also been painting up the odd musketeer. Here is one base of T Arquebus A and one of S Arquebus B. She has of course already sorted the four FP Pike.
Here is one of my original scratchbuilt cannon for Fantasy, based up with Scottish crew. The crew were also painted by my gorgeous wife. The cannon is the Artillery B from the list.
And here is the trick. The Artillery base is a sabot base for any of the cannon, mortars or even the actual 'frame gun' those Scots are supposed to be using. The Infantry are on squares so that I can use them with Impetus Baroque, should we end up doing that.
Impetus Baroque seems to be likely to go down the road of 18cm frontage for this scale. So my plan is to re base the Pike properly. They will be on the same sized bases as now but will have Musket mixed in. This means those bases can be used for Pike, mixed Musket and Pike, and if I add one of the 6cm musket squares, they will be proper Baroque units as well. As above. 

So hope fully the last thing those nicely painted new Roman Archers see is "the thunderous charge of the Cuirassier!"


  1. Looks really good Jamie!

    I look forward to the plastic grey Legions grinding you down! I will of course be mildly put out if your horse kills my ONLY painted unit LOL :)

  2. Well I am more than a little worried with how to deal with five bases of such quality foot, including three of legionaries! And your artillery getsd to be on a wagon, how cool is THAT?

    I've already found out that a flashy cavalry commander is not the way to do it, but hopefully musket volleys will do the trick.

  3. 18cm- that is huge! I guess terrain won't be sued much as you'd never be able to move over it!

    Those horses have turned out well!


  4. I find painting horses a real pain. Luckily I have someone to help me out :)

    18cm is big. I guess it does make a kind of sense though, they are representing some of those big Baroque units of mixed pike and shotte and want to get that effect with 28mm figs.

    One thing I have to 'let go' of in other genres is my FOW terrain fetish. A lot of terrain = a great game of FOW but an aweful game of Impetus!

    I've been reading more of the full rules and they address some of the things I didn't like about Basic.