Monday, January 31, 2011

January Progress II (and Impetus Basing)

Since I actually painted every last Uruk myself, my lovely wife has been 'dabbling' with a project of her own, over the last month and a half.
 In Basic Impetus, you can join two full Pike units together to form a deep unit, which gives you a better combat score. The option is there (and the second base is cheaper!) for full Impetus as well. So what I have will be five full units of FP - Heavy infantry with Pikes.
 I found these cool flags here. The basing is a bit plain, but functional enough for now. I'm still not sure how I want to do this, so I've left them in this usable state as a way of protecting the miniatures, which (being plastic pike men) tend to snap if you look at them wrong! 
The standard Impetus base size for this scale is 12cm x 6cm. I've based these on 11cm x 6cm wooden bases. These are the same size as WOTR infantry trays. I briefly toyed with the idea of individually basing them on round bases and using actual trays, like my Vikings, but that only has 8 guys to a base. I like these better with 10 and it means they can face off against my WOTR collection if I ever play Fantasy Impetus. The other reason I chose this size was that it has the same frontage as a Warhammer Fantasy modular movement tray with a five x 20 cm frontage (due to the extra width from the tray) so they match well vs other armies based that way. So these can be used for at least Mantic's 'Kings of War', which Jason and I have used before, and potentially even more Warhammer Fantasy - Should that ever eventuate.

I can't wait to lead these boys into battle vs Jason's fantasy Romans, using Basic Impetus.

For future basing, I am thinking that I might do these on 6cm x 6cm squares. Then I can make 18cm frontage (which seems to be the way the Baroque lists will go)units with a block of pike flanked by Musket, which is a more appropriate ECW ratio of weapons. Otherwise, I'm going to have a lot of surplus Muskets from the alternative method of just doing the muskets that way and adding extender bases of them to the sides of the pike if I ever play Impetus Baroque. Mixed pike and shotte does not seem to be a feature of the Basic Impetus lists I have seen, but does also exist in Fantasy Impetus, so I'd like to have the option to represent it.

Since Jason wants to put that off (what? his wife isn't painting his figs fast enough?), it looks like more WOTR for the next TTG, so Wildmen of Dunland are the official profect for next month.


  1. I've spent the night rebasing my vikings, tomorrows job is to paint the bases and hoepffully on Wednesday give them a crack agains the Itish using the full Impetus rules (whcih I prefer).

    The army is coming along nciely and 1cm differecne won't make a diffence. Persoanlly mine are on 8cm bases as it allows a bit mroe room to manovre- at the expens eof some modelling potential.

    Look forward to seeing your thoughts on Impetus


  2. Ahh, caught I am, between a desire to base how I want and the feeling I should conform to - something. It is not like much Ancients goes on at the Cavs anyway.

    Hmm. I have got the Ancients gaming bug (15 or 28mm, it matters not) again. At least Jason will have an army, I wonder who else I can get into it?

    It is a shame that the existing ancients player base play either FOG or DBA! At least 6cm squares would fit their basing conventions. Depth isn't such a problem to resolve as mismatched frontage is.

    I wonder if 28mm Ancients could be marketed as a kind of 'crack' for us younger crowd? Boxes of the figs do not come to too much. My $100 box had more than enough for an army and I saw somewhere that a couple fo boxes of the Victrix Hoplites would do an army.

  3. Ian C is finishing rebasing his 28mm WOTR armies in 6x6cm bases- couldn't convince himn to become a heretic and completely spurn the outdated WRG conventions!

    Are they the plastic Perry's? They look good. One of my projects to do is a Scots Common army and was going to do them for vs Ian's WOTR English but I don't want to do them on 6cm bases!

    Our DBA players like the look of my 28mm figures (and bases) but none of them are interested in gaming anything but 15mm (although 28mm is actually cheaper in plastics!). However a few are keen to try Impetus and so we will see what happens from there. As usual Kent has sold his Impetus army and needs to rebuild another Roman force!

    I use mine for both Big Base DBA and Impetus- I would recommend the full rules, a few things added that make the game flow ever better and it really seems to come into its own with 2-3 commands per side.


  4. They are the plastic Warlord ECW/TYW. If you want to get a Scots army, you need to keep an eye out for that Battalia box on special (or free postage). Essentially, the entire range is the same figs - with metal extras to make them Scots/TYW etc. So you want to get a deal on the metal extras. The Scots box is while stocks last AFAIK. THeir basic CW box is a good deal too - 2 x Cav boxes and 2 x Infantry with some extra metal Firelocks. But you will not get the bonnets, Scot Bagpipers and bits to make some cav into lancers.

    My army will not be the most 'historical', since what really attracted me to their range was the Cuirassiers and I had to have them!

    I'll have to see about the full rules, we are just giving it a try for now. Does the book have a full points system in it, so we can make our own lists (or vet the balance of the Beta lists)?

  5. The rulebook has a few army lists (with points) but there are several (2-3) Impetus books with army lists- all armies in full impetus have various numbers of each troop type you can select and points for each.

  6. Cheers Craig, I was more wondering if the book as the points formula itself - ie how much a base will cost, based on the combination of its tpye, VBU, move etc. This is something the FOG book had and is very useful if you like to play around with things. I am especially thinking 'Impetus Fantasticus' here.

  7. I meant to post this earlier but the Scot's look awesome.

    Im jealous as my Wife dosnt paint man barbies, and your Wife paints man barbies better then most!