Sunday, February 27, 2011

Another Earthquake post

A lot of ink (and pixels) have been spilled on this one already. Suffice it to say, that this one was much, much worse than last time. The fact I haven't blogged about it until now, after nearly a week, is probably some indication of that. Not that I have been in any real dire straits (having to queue for water at the limited distribution points for the first couple of days was luckily as dramatic as it got for us) but because I really didn't 'feel' like it. Well Jason broke the ice, and has spurred me back into thinking about lighter things, so I've had to hurry up and make some progress! The TTG never happened, but we should beable to get a game in tommorrow - while we both 'watch' pur respective sets of kids. Luckily for me, all my models made it through in one piece.
First of all though, one picture on the quake. We all keep hearing about the damage to the Cathedral. But here is the 'other' Cathedral in Christchurch. My wife and I were gutted to see this. We were married there and loved the building. I know that the one in the Square was a symbol of the city, but this 'other' one was the far finer building, to our mind. 

 Here is one of the WIPs, what I was doing before the quake. A 15mm Arthurian army. I have enough there for two units of CP, two of CM, the mandatory twelve Peydt (including five elite), one CL and some skirmishers. They are almost all painted already and just need me to finish re basing them.
Next up are the Scots. Another base of CP, and three lots of S, two with muskets and one as a 'fantasy unit' - converted musketeers to be 'sword and buckler men' in the Caledonians incarnation of the list (for Impetus Fantasy).

 Since we were without sufficient water to wash for four days, I decided to make a virtue of necessity and started another project too - my new earthquake beard!


  1. The 'other' Cathedral was also thought of by our family. My auntie is a huge fan and vocal about it.
    Glad to hear you guys are alright!
    My EQ beard disappeared yesterday after a jump in a creek in the Hurinui and a real shower. Damn.

  2. Was good to see you posting on the FOW thread too.

    I'm keeping mine until it meets the verdict of the students. I've a coiuple more weeks to make it respectable.

    Had a scare over the water today, thankfully it came on after tea time. I didn't really want to go back to no running water again!

    Jason and I got in a game today, surrounded by our screaming kids. We were a bit 'foggy' (and had to cut it short after one child's meltdown) but it was good to do something normal like play toy soldiers again.

  3. Good to hear the wargaming world goes on! Liking the earthquake beard, I wonder how long my better half will let me keep mine?