Saturday, September 4, 2010

If I may indulge myself in a 'real life' post.

I will, this once, since it was one of the biggest earthquakes in our country's (post European-colonisation) history. It happened approximately 30km west of the City where I live, Christchurch. As you can see in the second picture, the actual experience for many of us was odd indeed. We were in the middle of an earthquake so big it was reported everywhere (though it has now been revised downward from 7.4-7.2) but it seems that aside from property damage, nothing too bad was experienced during the sunny Saturday that followed.

The worst we suffered was stuff lost from the top shelves where we hide things from the kids, no hot water for coffee in the morning and some uncertainty over whether the TV might have made it. We took the morning off to wander down to the local mall and park. Quite a few people were on the roads, but were coping with that about as well as Cantabrians seem to cope with light snow...

A friend's wife had the best Facebook status:
Daughter: What's that up and down thing called again?
Mother: Earthquake
Daughter: Thank you Earthquake for putting my book on the floor where I can reach it

I really feel for those, families with kids especially, who still don't have water, sewerage etc and don't have power yet. It was such a relief to have that all sorted when we got home after lunch. I'd have not been in such a light mood if we were still without those things now.

Convincing the 3 year old and the 5 year old that they wanted to go alone to their bedrooms to sleep, after having being woken up at half past four that morning to a major earthquake, was a bit of a challenge. They are asleep now though.

So we are currently ok; though every after-shock (and we are getting them in the mid 4's, escalating from mid 3's the hour before) makes me a little nervous that we might find ourselves experiencing that promised mid 6 range after-shock in the early hours of tomorrow morning. Touch-wood.

So the last challenge is to meet my deadline - Father's day, to have the 500pt WOTR Angmar army painted and based. I am almost there, I think that it's excusable to be cutting it fine after all that?

Watch this space.

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