Sunday, January 30, 2011

January Progress I

January hasn't exactly been my best month, but at least there was army progress:

Here is the second to last remaining formation (new banners for the Huscarls, aside) formation for the planned Dunlending Battlehost.

 These are the Uruks of the White Mountains - no doubt they were a thorn in the side of the Reunited Kingdom for many a year in the Fourth Age! Since the Dunlending Huscarls are basically the Carn Dum Warbands, I decided to keep the basing consistent.

I've downplayed the snow a little - but this way they will match the rest of the army. Now I've just got four Coy of 'Wildmen' (lies! It's all Rohirric Propaganda!) to get done, in the next couple of months.

My wife has been painting a bit of other stuff too this month (yes, that means I actually did all the Uruks myself). So once I complete the bases tomorrow night, I'll post up her efforts.

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