Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Dunlendings shape up for Natcon

A while back, I had the bright idea to morph my warriors of Carn Dum into Dunlendings, and then make an Isengard army with them. Usually the issue with basing an army on Dunlendings is that they are 'rares'. However, if I take all of them as part of a Battlehost, then I just need to take a common formation from the Isengard list. I'm always expounding the virtues of crossbow in this game, and they are not as filthily under priced as the Corsair Arbalesters, so I took Uruks with Crossbows as the sole core. I have a Saruman to join them as well, but I think the idea of having my usual pair of Ringwraiths (The Tainted, and Dwimmerlaik) support them is worth serious consideration.

 They did well in test games, so my current focus is on getting the remaining two formations (the Uruks and the Wildmen of Dunland) painted and the bases completed. I suppose I will need to do some new banners as well. I got my Wildmen from Wargames factory, since I had seen some pics of the Wildmen looking distinctly 'Celtic', and liked the effect. They took ages to arrive, and I am really happy I got them at all, knowing what I now know about the soap-opera unfolding there!

I'm thinking of something like:

 Saruman (240) - (could just as easily be a pair of wraiths)
Thrydan (50)
Batllehost  (75)
5 x Dunlending Huscarls (125)
5 x Dunlending Huscarls (125)
5 x Dunlending Huscarls (125)
4 x Wildmen of Dunland (60)
4 x Uruk Hai Crossbows with Captain (190)

This would be a good mix of shooting and melee. Anything more, and I'd have to ally in more bits from my Carn Dum army. Hopefully, I'll get to give it a go at the NZ Nationals (NATCON 2011), though I wont be in the rankings. That stated, it could be loaned to another player, if it helped make their attendance feasible.


  1. Stink to hear about whats happening at Wargames Factory, they had potential to be absolutely excellant if they improved the qaulity of the figures slighty...and they are so cheap! :(

    The Dunlendings look awesome Jamie and I am "mildly concerned" about the outcome of our next match up. Especially as I will be bringing Rohan, and as I cant break you due to your Battlehost rule I guess I will just have to kill you all? :P

    Sauruman is pretty cool (as I can well attest!) but he is an AWEFUL lot of points to sink into one model, and while he can be decisive sometimes he can fail pretty epicly. Funny that your list with him is almost the same as my Isengard but swap Uruks for the (much cheaper) Dunlendings and Wildmen for Ferals LOL.

    I reckon you might be better off with the dual Wriaths for the ability to influence two units/ combats (pall of darkness to insure you get the charge and therfore the bonus) as opposed to the "walking artillery piece"

    Of course the real reason is that Sauruman is My Precious, and I wants him all to myslef... :)


  2. They haven't folded (yet) and yes, Tony's later sets were beginning to look better. Also, they filled a niche, since you couldn't argue with some of their prices!

    It's funny you should mention the similarities between our lists, if they take the Nazgul they become pretty much my Carn Dum list on steroids! Not that that is a bad thing :)

    I kindof agree about Saruman, for better or worse, he has come to be closely associated with you!

    As to breakability, I think that secario make more sense with mounted Rohan as the attackers. If included at Natcon, I would be looking at having Elves (if anyone is game enough to take them lol) and Rohan be default attackers for it - as a possible balancer?