Saturday, October 16, 2010

WOTR @ The Cavs14/10/10 Part 2: Batrep 1000pts Carn Dum vs Haradrim

Part I is here.

James got priority and went first here. Look at those warband near the forest: now you see them, now you don't. Turn three was a nail-biting education in why the Mumak is both fearsome and fragile. In his move phase, James had lumbered the Mumak forward. My guys had fallen back out of the way, sideways toward the nearest table edge - so at right angles to the Mumak's path. The upshot of this is that where there was a health four-strong formation containing the Witch-King and the King of Carn-Dum, now there were a few big Mumak prints and some scared survivors, bereft of their leaders.

That right, the rules say that if a Mumak wants to walk where you are standing, and you cannot get away that instant, you all die. One to remember, I think.

Howver, Mumaks do not enjoy hitting forests. So it shook loose some crew there. They enjoy the artillery that lurks in forests even less. Two turns had been spent lining up the shots and now they unleashed. They ended up scoring some amazing hits on the Mumak, rolling 6's on it's table. Under the short-range rain of ballista bolts, the great creature fell. 'Operation Dumbo Drop?'

It's not all a celebration though. What this picture does not capture is the reason those Haradrim archers in the middle back there are now facing to the side. Yes, Buhrdur had ambushed. The Betrayer spent his sole point of might to get a heroic shoot, worth it? Well Buhrdur did not survive that. Was throwing away Buhrdur as Betrayer-bait worth it? Time will tell. In turn four, I had priority.The Carn Dum warband, led by the Tainted, swept over the hill. The Carn Dum artillery slaughtered the terrified Serpent Riders, who might well have wondered why they were sitting up atop a hill. The Tainted had cast 'Wings of Terror' and, wonder of wonders, I passed my double roll. So he actually slunk around on an angle and charged into both the remnants of the Serpent Riders and the Betrayer's bowmen.

The final turn five saw the Betrayer's archers fail to recover form their disorder. This was not aided by the Tainted's chill influence undermining the exhortations of their commander, the casting of 'Sunder Spirit' upon them only added insult to injury. So they sat there, cowering about their dark master while around them the dregs of other Carn Dum warbands emerged from hidey holes or crept over the hill, like hyenas circling a wounded lion.

The Tainted then almost failed, at the very end, to deliver the killing blow! Fortunately he had a point of might to alter the charge result and send in his berserkers, who were totally lost in their black rage and slaughtered the south men where they huddled.
Thanks for the game James! That Mumak was a real force, and if you had not thrown away Suladan and his cavalry for no gain at the outset, I really do think you would have had the win there.

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