Friday, October 15, 2010

WOTR @ The Cavs14/10/10 Batrep 1000pts Carn Dum vs Haradrim

Last night I had my rematch vs James. This time he took his Haradrim:
Suladan the Serpent Lord
The Betrayer
Three coy Serpent Riders
Six Coy Haradrim Raider Cav
Five Coy Haradrim bow

Since he came second last time round, he got to request I not bring along the army of the Reunited Kingdom once more.

So I had my Carn Dum Army:
Witch King (actually the Dwimmerlaik)
The Tainted
The King of Carn Dum (Actually Thrydan)
Five coy Carn Dum Warband
Five coy Carn Dum Warband
Four coy Carn Dum Warband
Buhrdur the ambush troll
Two coy Carn Dum Artillery (siege bows)
One coy Carn Dum Artillery (siege bow)I won the dice off so got to pick my board edge and have priority first turn. So my two units of artillery both started in defensible terrain, The building in the middle was treated as two adjacent buildings, the taller is capacity 4 and can be seen (I reckon my guys could not resist looking out from the roof) over the top of the walled bit, which is capacity 5.I had James move first. He hung the archers + re roll Nazgul (the Betrayer) back, while pushing his Cav with Suladan and his spare Cav forward. I pushed my guys up, but James started cracking up as I failed all my double moves again. My spells achieved nothing (though Suladan does expend might, which he gets back, to negate my 'pall of night') but I did occupy the building.... only to have the idiots shot to hell by the archers (re rolling 1s and having the Betrayer is nasty vs high def troops). Oh well. My artillery failed to hit the broad side of a Mumak, since the rules writers think he'd be harder to hit than some foot soldiers! We then join battle... or not, Suladan's nerve fails him in the face of The Tainted. So I get to charge! And I am berserk. Suladan's rules force him to duel, the Nazgul wins but does not kill him. The Nazgul's minions on the other hand slay every horse around him. This is starting out well. In turn 2 (below), I get priority and go first. My middle formation sweeps to the left to block (heh) the Mumak while my left one casts Wings of Terror and moves to flank it. No more spells for me. James gets none either. He shoots more of my guys in the building, while my artillery spends another turn recalibrating their sights, sigh.

I have set up a 'brilliant' box with my troops and charge in on both sides of the Mumak. I kill no one, not even a Mumak crewman. The Mumak stamps out the lives of several warriors from both formations.
As we gather our strength for turn 3, my men look up at the Mumak upon the hill (he is actually in contact with the guys to his front) and think "this isn't so bad, considering." I am about to receive an education in the Mumak rules!

Continued tomorrow.

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