Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rearguard Mission

Caption: the Vanguard of the Nothmen Eoreds closes on the Carn Dum battleline.

I have now updated the mission to space teh objectives more and clarify the situation around contesting objectives, so it is harder for the defender.

War of the Ring is a great game, but it is a bit short on useful missions. I agree with others that two of the deployment options - Battle for the Pass and Maelstrom can be a little problematic for some matchups. Ruling those out really cuts down on the options. To rehabilitate one of those two layouts a little, I have made the mission pictured above to play test.

It is inspired by the very fun 'Fighting Withdrawal' mission for FOW and it seeks to recreate the rearguard actions of a retreating army. The hope is that it will play as a desperate chase up the table. The intent is that attackers be harried by missile fire as they rush forward and the defenders have to carefully husband their forces as more formations retire to join the withdrawing army.

I love to know what others think, especially if they try it out. I will be giving it a try, along with my houserules, vs Jason tonight. I should have a battle report up. The slacker still owes us a report of the last game we played!

My expectation is that attackers should be able to get a formation into range to contest the rear objective by end turn eight, so it will come down to how much each side kills, whether their leaders live (I suggest Epic heroes give away double the VPs of captains etc).

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