Friday, September 17, 2010

WOTR @ The Cavs

We were back at the club this week. Two big WOTR clashes were on: Andy's Elves vs Jason's Isengard and my Carn Dum vs my Ithilien, commanded by Chris W.

There were also a couple of games of FOW happening, but overall the weren't many games of anything going on, you'd think something had disrupted 'normal' life. I did at least take the chance to begin my corruption of Keith for FOW at Conquest... once you know a massed Tankovy is available to you, and they have set it to 1750 so you can't use your own stuff anyway, what to do, what to do...? Yes Craig, I'm picking either all of someone else's tanks, or all of their infantry.

I gave Chris my wall of shields infantry list to try out, he had some choices in there and took an Ent, which I'd personally leave behind in favour of Cavalry. He also chose rangers over Faramir, which wasn't a bad way to go. The choice of Aragorn over Boromir and another coy of infantry was spot-on. Here's what he had:

Elessar, King of the Reunited Kingdom -200pts
Warriors of Minas Tirithx3 -75pts
Warriors of Minas Tirithx3 -75pts
Osgiliath Veteransx6 -330pts
Axemen of Lossarnachx4- 100pts
White Company Rangersx3 -90pts

I had:

Dwimmerlaik (Witchking in less powerful form) -125pts
Tainted -125pts
Buhrdur the ambush troll -125pts
Carn Dum Warbandx5 -150pts
Carn Dum Warbandx5 -150pts
Carn Dum Warbandx4 -120pts
Carn Dum Artillery (Mordor Siege Bows)x2 -100pts
Carn Dum Artillery (Mordor Siege Bows)x2 -100pts

It was eventually a draw, after Elessar legged it with the remaining unit of infantry and went to hide in a corner ruin. Since Elessar had killed off the Dwimmerlaik (army commander) early, this left us on even points. So well done Chris for his first (though I suspect, only) game of WOTR. I think he likes a more balanced and 'realistic' system than WOTR, and isn't as enamoured as I am with the models.

It was a good test of different units though:
Elessar, a keeper even at 1/5 of the army points. He's been in and out many times, but does earn his keep in real game situations.

Osgiliath Veterans, they were in there as a specific counter to my def 4(6) Carn Dum army with a monster and Wraiths. Of course they did well in that context. That stated, they give me a use of my bow figures to field even more def 5(7) troops in an infantry heavy army, so I might try them again.

Ent, he costs five companies of basic troops and can easily die to stray hits. Not a keeper.

Carn Dum Artillery, I put a hill in the middle to restrict their impact. At this stage I feel I could make do with half as much. Though if they get an open table it all changes.

Carn Dum Warband, I'd have loved to have three more coys of these instead of two pieces of artillery. I'm definitely doing that once I have the models.

Wraiths, at mastery 2 (how I field them), not taking any of the 'big three', vs an army nigh immune to terror, with one of the best Wraith-killing heroes in the game, and failing most of my spell rolls, they were still worth it.

Buhrdur, well obviously he was good. He is probably the best thing (save perhaps the warband) in the entire Angmar list. I just should resist the urge to ambush with him.

In other news, sketchy reports from other parts of Middle-Earth suggest the Beige Wizard fell in battle vs the Elves. I'm next on Andy's hit-list, next week.

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