Monday, July 26, 2010

More progress

I'm getting there, slowly; though, since Tim hasn't actually posted up an August 'mini events', there is no hurry.

This is another two companies of Carn Dum Warband. along with what I had already, it makes up a full formation of four companies. I would like to be able to get away with fielding them in threes, not least becuas the first 500 pt force has nine companies planned. However, I worry that def 4(6) troops will be victims to str 4 armies. Clumping gets better value out of the Wraith as well.

So of the planned 500pt force of: Nazgul (tainted), 1 formation of 2x allied Siege bows, 1 formation of 4x Carn Dum warband and 1 formation of 5x Carn Dum Warband, I only have the last formation of 5x Carn Dum warband left.

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