Monday, July 19, 2010

First foot companies and command

These are the first small steps on the foot formations: two companies of Carn Dum Warband. My wife actually did some of the base colours on one of the formations for me, watching her in action is seeing what a normal speed painter must be like. Leading the formation is my lesser Ringwraith, 'The Tainted', the highlighting is a bit cartoonish, but I really wanted to differentiate him with an eldritch green glow.

Looking at the closeups, I think I am achieving my sub-aim of giving all the mediocre painters hope. It isn't right that only the good painters showcase their work on the web!

I like the Gripping Beast models, but they have too few proper spear poses. Five per sprue of ten, with one more shield with javlins option. That isn't really enough to get a shieldwall bristling with spear points.

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