Thursday, July 15, 2010

FOW @ The Cavs 15/07/10

Man, it must be about time for some WOTR once more, surely.

I played Dave's Sperr tonight. He has been having a good run locally, since his 6th placing at the nationals this year. However, I think it is fair to say that having to cut the bloated 1750pt list down to a more reasonable 1000 pts and having to actually attack (it was a Fighting Withdrawal) probably threw him off balance a bit.

I ran a modified version of one of my earlier proposed Tempest lists.

HQ + Sappers -110
Strelkovy Coy with 2 plts -215
Strelkovy Coy with 1 plt -110
Mortars -55
3xSU-85 -165
3xKV-8s Flametanks -150
'God of war' battery - 4x76mm, 4x122mm -195

I quite liked it at this points level. The Sperr were pretty battered up by the time they go to their objective, but his army was really not designed to attack. So it was a relatively straightforward win for me, playing a mission that is one of my list's strengths. I did learn a few things about how to play it for next time. One of them is that it is probably not a good idea to use the ambush (including withdrawing the artillery so you get to keep the ambush) to spring su-85s on the StuGs, just for the satisfaction of killing them. Sure they were killed, but that isn't exactly a game plan for a mission where you should be ensuring that enemy infantry can't assault you off the objective they choose.

Dave thinks 1500pts is a more reasonable level to play the Sperr at. I'd take him up on that anytime, 'Fortress Europe' Strelkovy love that points level. Plenty of infantry, plenty of armour, arty support and flamethrowers are all able to fit into the one list.

I think I might stick to this list for Tempest. I like the tanks, but they just can't quite handle some of the situations they will find themselves in for a 'anything goes' event like this will be. Jason was able to loan me the arty models I need. 76mm ZIS-3s, as one of the models that used to be not worthwhile in the old days (now they are really cheap taken in certain ways), are a piece of Soviet kit that was incredibly common historically but that I have yet to add to my longstanding collection . And I've found the obligatory WOTR tie in: Jason reckons he can make up something like this guy on the right for my WOTR army.


  1. That looks like a pretty good list-plenty of flexibility there.

    Are 3 infantry platoons enough at that point level? I guess compromises need to be made somewhere.


  2. It doesn't feel like quite enough Craig, I would prefer 2 coys of 2 platoons. I don't think another single infantry platoon is worth adding, so if I add more infantry I have to 1. drop another unit, 2. use the points to bulk up the short Strelkovy coy, then 3. find something else to be a 6th platoon. If I had access to two 76mm regt gun models, that would do it, since I could drop the KV-8s'. I think I need to keep the SU-85s, since I need some direct fire AT. In any case, I think there is value in retaining the flametanks/light tanks vs some armies. 1000 pts = tough choices :)

  3. Looks like 1000pts is a good size for making tough choices Jamie. i like the balance you've got, it has weaknesses (what army wouldn't at 1000pts) but hopefully you can overcome them on the table top.

    Being able to get 6 platoons at 1000pts is impressive!