Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tempest Soviets

It looks like Tempest is on for August so I need to figure out a 1000 pt FOW list and ensure I have it ready to go.

I have two working theories:

1. 1000 pt regular Tankovy (H&S)
CiC T-34/85 -70
4xT-34/85, 1xT-34/76 - 325
5xT-34/76, Tankodesantniki -340
2xDecoy Panthers -200
3x 82mm Mortars -60

-995pts (Confident trained, always attacks)

I am tempted to take that. Nice and simple, has T-34s, has high AT, has infiltrate (if I want) and mixes in some infantry and mortars, just in case.

2. 1000 pt Regular Strelkovy (FE2)

HQ with sapper platoon, 110
Strelkovy platoon with rifle/mgs -110
Strelkovy platoon with smgs -110
3x82mm mortars -55
4xSU-85 -220
4xKV-8s flametanks -200
4x76mm, 4x122mm Artillery battery -195

-1000 pts (Confident trained, infantry company)

Yes, a 'trick' list, can't help myself, can I?

This list would require some kind soul to loan me 4x 76mm ZIS-3s.

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