Sunday, July 25, 2010

Battle report FOW Tempest prep vs Chris

Chris and I had a game yesterday on my Winter table (actually, Craig's winter table).

I used the same Strelkovy I took vs Dave last time and Chris took a true monstrosity of a list.

From memory, it was:
Luftwaffe Feldkompanie (reluctant trained, Div support is confident veteran)
Jager platoon (7 teams w panzerknacker)
Jager platoon
Jager platoon
HMG sect, 2x HMG
Mortar sect, 2x8cm mortar
3x Pak 40
4x Bummbars (Confident Vet)
3x Panzerwerfers w loaders (Confident Vet)

The red circled areas are all 'swamp', so impassable to vehicles and guns, concealing/diff for infantry and do not provide concealment when LOS is drawn across them. So no concealment unless you get your feet wet.

That was basically us until turn 4. Chris was nailing my arty for the first few turns after they failed to dig in turn one. Double width templates are nasty for Soviets (with our bigger units) to face*. Chris' plan was simple, form an infantry line to shoot up any of my troops if they advanced and roll up the Brumms and use their almost invulnerability (as long as he kept out of 10" of the defenders to knock the arty off the objective, then stop me contesting it. Mine was simpler, skulk there and try to stop that. While sneaking reserve SU-85s up the other flank to chase the Panzerwerfers away and steal the middle enemy objective. You can see the sneaky SU-85s in the last pic. However, the ultimate result was that we drew @ 5PM after a 2hour game. Chris did get close to his target, but neglected to bring anything to support the Brumms. You do need to do more than than rely on German super-weapons Chris! By the end, the Brumms survived, the Soviet Arty was dead, and that was about it.

My half hearted flanking attempt didn't really do the job either. Neither player wanted to put their trained infantry in harms way, which kind of bogged the game down.
*It turns out that Chris actually wasn't allowed Panzerwerfers and Brumms in the same list, so less monstrous than it first appeared!

This is my worst case mission. I'll have to think more on what to do when the Encounter game comes up at Tempest. Chris' list as he played it (which, at least, will not be possible for Tempest) is mean in Encounter. It is eight platoons and on table he had Full Brums, the Panzerwerfers, Pak 40s and an infantry platoon with HMGs attached. He was totally unconcerned about reserves! Now that he can't have the Panzerwerfers, which are mobile and have an mg, I think I might plan to leave the flame-tanks out of terrain near the middle and then double them to one flank or the other to push the weakest objective while the bulk of the army + reserves fights it out for the middle. That's planning for the last war though.

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