Sunday, September 3, 2017

The Field of Battle

Ben and I have both been on a bit of a 15mm terrain focus. Ben has got a couple of pieces together for his collection, an his forests look particularly decent. The problem is that both of us are used to more decent terrain 15mm terrain (from our FOW days) than the felt pieces that seem to be the ancients standard. The issue is that the pieces have to fit very defined parameters: defined areas that fit inside a 24cm (6 base widths) circle and not thin strips.... unless they are roads. They also have to let the bases sit where they want to sit as base position is pretty important in the game. There are also a defined amount of 'pieces' so you can't really fill up a board with bits of terrain like you did in FOW. AND you have to have enough stuff to supply for the upmto three terrain types that go with your army. Phew. 

My army's terrain types are: plain, mountain and forest. That's a lot of terrain to accumulate. I do have a plan for the forest bases via a local Kiwi supplier who does pre-cut bases with pull out inserts to stick trees to. Then some steep hills will be easy. In fact I'd have done them today except I just found out I have no caulk. 

Ben doesn't like my roads as they are too big but I think they make a good ancient highway. My hand made River has also seen better days but is there as an option. This table shows the setup for the Plains terrain option. Up to four fields, two plantations, a road and a river. I just need to make a gentle hill and get some buildings for a village.... and decide if I am going to do a gully. 

The mat is my new double sided vinyl mat. The guys YouTube video made it seem more 'rubbery' than it is but it still was a decent price for a double sided mat with a different texture printed on either side. It's a big step ip,from the white sheet but I'll need to get some mdf when I pick up the caulk as it needs a good flat base. 
Last piece of the puzzle is that my horsemen finally arrived from Caliver Books. The General on round base, Three bases of Cataphracts, two of medium cavalry with bow and four Light Cav with bow. They'll be an Armenian Allied command for my Eastern Romans. I need to finish redoing the bases on the rest of my army and get these painted by early November as I want to play at Conquest 2018. 


  1. Cheers Phil, I'm pretty pleased with the difference having a mat with a printed grass texture has made.