Saturday, June 24, 2017

Infinity Wotan Jump-point Campaign: Operation Invisible Lion

+++ 2186.06.18 19:30+++
Aleph Incursion detected at Sigtyr-2 Panoceania Main orbital defence cannon. Bravo Lance has been rerouted from refit at Svalarheima. Our mission: capture and protect key data nodes to disrupt AI control of our heavy ordnance assets. Two Brother Knights lead a fire team with three more Magisters. Their support is a trio of Fusiliers, a Sierra TR REM, brother sergeants Konstantinos, Fierra in TO hidden deployment, and Bjorn ifiltrating. Opposing us are unknown Aleph assets. Lethal force authorised.

+++19:31 Local. Weapons hot. 
Bravo Lance took the initiative, Bjorn hit the right flank from AD infiltration and severed the AI link to their beacons. With a firewall in effect, Bravo Lance tried a brute force approach on the left flank. Aleph forces proved incredibly resilient, almost as if equiped with a new armour alloy. However,  The sheer weight of fire couldn't fail to hit something vital and the local AI commander was eliminated in the firefight.

+++20:06 Local
Aleph reponse was limited by lack of local command-coordination. However, their key assets remained entrenched in defensive positions blocking an advance from either left or the right. When the Military Order's advance resumed, they came under attack from an assault hacker hidden in Thermo-optic camo. This combined with withering suppressive fire to hem then in. It was not until the enemy hacker withdrew around a corner that brother-sergeant Fierra was able to ambush it from his own hidden deployment. 

+++20:32 Local 
Aleph infiltrators had further surprises planned. A Garuda Tacbot made its way in from the edge of the battle zone and slaughtered the Lieutenent and the hacker. While Aleph had little time to achieve their own objectives, the Military Orders command and control was crippled. 

+++21:17 Local
Magisters are dangerous when out of Command. With cries of Deus Vult! They attempted to charge down the Alep line and maybe their shotguns could claim another Aleph Lieutenant. Meanwhile, the cooler headed Hospitaller doctor took control of a console and the remaining fusilier was able to observe a Yu-Jing liaison posing as a civilian. A limited success was tantalisingly within grasp but the new Aleph commander had survived for now....

21:37 Local
However, the advantage of full command proved overwhelming. The enemy drop-bot managed to work its way round the rear, sheltered from Bravo-Lance by the buildings. The Naga hacker ran across the board to secure the other console, secured the civilian observer, and then the Garuda Tacbot picked up the beacon at the end of the engagement. 

+++Evaluation: Tactical defeat. Key assets intact. Limited success on objectives
+++Terminating battlespace connection

Ok Infinity is really fun. I'm amazed we remembered almost all the rules after not playing for a year. Thanks for the game Ben, I'm going to have to up my game. Turns out a burst five +3 BS heavy machine gun only solves many, but not all, problems... Stupid Aleph armour. 


  1. Awesome bat rep! It was looking pretty grim for the AI after the Lt git dropped turn 1 but they did JUST hang in there. Was a close one 😀

    1. Did you do a Campaign Batrep for me to post mine and link to?