Saturday, December 24, 2016

X:Wing vs my Tie Swarm

I have been sort-of gaming, and playing Xwing mainly for the sheer convenience as this is a pretty full on time of year. I'm finally on break though so might be able to turn my eyes to something involving actual modelling and painting again..... Anyway, Chris has all this Xwing stuff from years ago when he went nuts and bought heaps on sale. You can still see his post about that on the blog list on the right. I recently bought my first Xwing ship in, also years, on a whim while browsing Books Depository. So we reversed our usual matchup and he took Imperials vs my Rebels. 100pts each.

Chris took a list not unlike what I take all the time: Four Ties including Howlrunner and Bobba Fett. I took the base model KWing with a Twin laser turret and two seismic charges, Chewie Falcon, and Green Squadron Awing with push the limit and stealth device. Anyone else remember the Wing Commander games? The K-Wing oddly reminds me of the Broadsword. So while it's lame expanded universe.... it's cool again because: Wing Commander. It plays like it too, a lumbering bomber festooned with turrets. Enough reminiscing though, how'd I go vs my X-Wing nemesis?

After the initial jockeying for position, I ended up smack bang in the middle of the enemy formation. Unsubtle, inelegant, and probably really bad if he used this to focus fire on one of the my two 'tanks'. Even with two turrets, I kind of lack heavy hitters so wasn't likely to kill anything in a hurry. Chewing had come under from Bobba Fett in the first round but an intervening asteroid and an evade had allowed him to dodge it. In true micron-measured X-Wing fashion, there was no obstructed shot this time! 

For all that, round one went surprisingly well. As in the dice seem to love me. The turrets pummelled the TIE in front of the A-Wing and he finished it with super-accurate fire. Didn't even need to use his focus, which was good as this had made his opponents angry. Shooting a stealth deviced A-Wing with two-three dice Ties is an exercise in frustration though...

Then the inevitable log-jam of ships ensued. Another TIE found itself boxed in between three ships and was quickly shredded. And what's coming next?

Howlrunner was still trying to regain control after the Shockwave from the seismic charge when a cloud of turret fire from the circling death-tugs caught her. Since so many shots had tried, and failed, to nail that Awing... My squad was largely undamaged. It was the most effective decoy I'd ever seen, since John did something similar to me with an Interceptor ages ago. 


At this point, I was succeeding beyond my wildest dreams. Makes sense though, turns out my standard Tie + Firespray list is terrible vs the matchup. I'm not sad I got to see that from the other side. Essentially, each turn that A-Wing was finishing off a Tie and Chris hadn't started the process of whittling down my big ships early enough. 

Of course, that lumbering K-Wing / Broadsword wasn't going to last forever. Bobba Fett finished it off and started trying to run down Chewie. But that wasn't a fair -fight. Bobba had taken some hits, while Chewie is 100% shields and had an A-Wing to help out now and then. 

GG Chris. Every thing, dice included, went my way in the battle. I hope everyone enjoyed this retro battle with our time-capsule forces. That K-Wing is the newest thing on the table and most of what we fielded was from the initial waves of X-Wing. I'd probably be crushed if I had to deal with any of the current stuff! 

Thanks for reading.


  1. Good stuff Jamie. Great photos too. Merry Christmas!