Monday, October 31, 2016

X-Wing: Long, long ago...

I last properly played this game about when these boys came out. The Scum and Villainy box remains a great deal But they basically got one proper outing. Then I got fed up with the turn to basically every expanded universe aka fanfic (I love anything from movies/TV) Big Based ship out there.... and pretty much stopped playing. It's obviously a pretty cool game though, and something I *should* be into. Since if I want to play in local gaming events I feel like my main choices are 40k (not ever going to happen, complete rules overhaul pending) and X-Wing. Other things get played, but nothing like those two. Case in point would be the abortive Bolt Action "tournament." I've been doing some trawling on the net but I'll play around with the game a bit, and go from there. I always did best with Imperials but I want to step out of that comfort zone. First dipping of the toes back into the water was a game vs Andy. He has basically enough guys to field one Imperial List. I have basically enough Scum for a list, so a fair list-building environment right there. His was Interceptor (Tur Phenir), Interceptor, Interceptor, Tie, Tie, Tie. Mine was Bobba Fett (With Greedo, HLC, seismic bomb), Z-95, Z-95, (both with one-shot turrets) Y-Wing with Autoblaster turret. How'd I go?

The aim was to run Bobba Fett down one flank, have the Y-Wing take opportunity shots in the middle, and use the Z-95s to hang out right and then hit the enemy flank when they closed. It started out ok, Greedo meant that I got an early crit on a Tie. But I realised the jam I was in pretty damned fast. Those Ties are basically bumper cars, I like to use them that way myself. The timing of the first pass meant they'd be blocking me in..... maybe Andy would just oblige and fly past into my rear arc?

Nope. Bracketed by Ties. Lesson two was that the Firespray only has four shields, I wonder what the first crit on me - due to Greedo - would be? Any takers, what seems worst in this setup? 

Well, on the upside, Tur Phenir made a cocky lone strafing run past my pair of Z-95s and got obliterated by hot-shot blaster fire.

Andy wasn't too fazed (well maybe he commented a little) though and swarming Ties let up on Bobba Fett long enough to take down my Y-Wing. Sure I took one down with me but that's cold comfort. Now the game was basically me with a pair of ships with two red dice vs super nimble Ties, and my Firespray. Surprise! The Crit I got was the one giving me one damage every time The Firespray overlapped another enemy ship. Andy ensured that happened for every last one of the remaining turns. K-Turns, sharp turns, straights, nothing got me out of that box.

Bobba Fett has teeth though, and another turn, another dead Tie. Poor Academy pilot.

With friends in the fight to mess with enemy movements, Bobba got yet another kill. Ties were dropping, and it was now 3 vs 3. The Z-95s weren't really contributing and I was coming to really regret taking Greedo as I got to enjoy a new crit each turn. 

That's a process with only one end-point. Interceptors have three red dice, and that Firespray got hammered into pieces. 

Then it was all over bar the inconclusive circling of ships trying to land the odd hit without dying and losing that player the game. So I accepted defeat and we called that a night. Probably a little longer than a game of X-Wing should be but it's been a LONG while so found ourselves looking up things a fair bit. However much fun was had. X-Wing is definitely back in my gaming rotation. Glad I never sold them, though seriously, who sells Star Wars toys? How could you ever not want them? I've also been watching Rebels with the 11 year old.... and maybe I need to get Ghost? Sure it's another large based ship with a turret but maybe they are so popular because everyone loves facing them so much? At least it's not from fanfic. 

I've actually ordered a K-Wing, since I always liked Ordnance over silly ability combos. That thing is a missile and bomb platform on a base one size smaller than it probably should have. I'm never taking Greedo again btw. 

Thanks for reading. 


  1. Good to see you gaming the good game! :-)

    1. We'll see if I can handle the (re)learning curve/cliff.

    2. Some of the new stuff can be quite bewildering!

  2. Hahahah Greedo... Awesome :D

  3. Haha.. thanks Jamie, i got super lucky especially with the special crit on the firespray, you played well but the numbers can do well if they can chip away and avoid dying. Your firespray probably needed more space and could've deployed well away to start rather than bearing down into the bulk of my ships. Ur Zs were a bit too far away to offer close support so in a way i was able to divide and conquer somewhat. Fun wargame was the winner on the night, its given me inspiration to buy some Rebel ships. Cheers

    1. Well too far to offer support apart from ambushing your top ace 😝